06 December 2014

Student Talk | Studying at University While Living at Home

When I received my A-level results and found out that I would be going to university that year, I was ecstatic. Then the fear kicked in: how am I going to make friends when I'm living at home? Will I have the motivation to study at home while everybody else is having student parties? What am I going to do in case of a assignment emergency?

After dealing with it for quite a while now, I thought I'd compile a list of tips and advice that I learned as I lived at home and studied at university. Of course the obvious benefits are a given: from saving money to stay connected with old friends and family, the hassle of not moving out can be a really good choice for some people. 

What many people fear, however, is not being able to take advantage of the ‘full uni experience’; from going to Freshers parties to creating a bond with your new-found roommates. Even the simplest things like studying at your University library till late or attending evening events like societies can cause great hassle for a commuter who dreads that late train journey on their own.

1. Make use of the commute – whether you have some reading to catch-up or need to reorganize your notes (although I wouldn’t recommend completing an assignment on the day its due!), now is the best time to do it. Without as many disturbance as you would have at home, you can get a lot done on the 1 or 2 hour journey to and from university.

2. Don’t just come in for your lectures – try to stick around campus before and after your lectures or seminars. By visiting the library or getting your work done elsewhere, this is a great time to meet new people as well as bonding with your fellow ‘classmates’ by socializing during lunch breaks. You also end up getting to know your way around campus a lot more.  

3. Join societies – for me, this is the part I found most difficult. I had planned to join so many societies within the first week of uni only to find the journey back home at 7:30 in the evening was more than off-putting. Now I just dedicate one day a week to attend a society, most of them different ones, and I have to say it works a lot better. It’s also a bonus if you can get persuade a family member to give you a lift home just once a week!

4. Don’t be discouraged – although uni life can be daunting at first, just remember that everyone feels that way. All you have to do is just be open to new experiences and whether you live at home or on campus, you will truly cherish these moments of being a student and finding your won feet. Just remember to keep a good balance between studying and socializing!

That’s all for now, but I really hope this helped anyone who felt the same way I did when I first started university.

Rock The Monochrome Look

So here i put together an chic, monochrome look you can wear this winter.
Adding leather accessories with the cute backpack and matching leather shoes with edgy gold buckles really puts this look together.

For the actual outfit, you can choose practically anything black and white! I chose this slogan tee and checked skirt, both of which are big trends this year!

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