17 June 2015

15 of my Favourite Feelings | Inspired by EssieButton

favourite feelings inspired by blogger / vlogger essie button

Feeling inspired after watching Estee's video '15 Favourite Feelings' (an idea she got from fellow Youtuber, Hank from the vlogbrothers), I decided to do a blog post of my own. Just hearing someone else describe what makes them most happiest in the world got me thinking about the moments I cherish the most. Just the mere reflection on my ultimate 'feel-good' moments puts me in a happier mood - it is a great idea to help spread a bit of the positivity. Right now, anybody reading this should just think back on the last time you just felt happy or content, it can be literally anything no matter how trivial. Everybody is different in their appreciation of the small things in life, and I think we should embrace that. So here it goes, my Favourite Feelings:

1. New haircut and eyebrows freshly threaded: After  trip to my local salon, I just feel a tonne more confident in my own skin. It also makes me forget about that dreaded pain from threading!!

2. Buying something that you've wanted for ages: This is particularly great when you've been pining for something for so long and you finally make that purchase that leaves you on a high all day... you just know the wait is going to be worth it.

3. After a productive day, coming back home and having dinner, then binge-watching Netflix in bed or cosying up to a good book: These are moments I think everybody looks forward to, especially when you know that you deserve a nice and relaxing break from work/school/university.

4. Getting into bed ready for sleep: This may sound like a it of a weird one, but it is something we all take for granted every singe day. I just think how lucky I am to be able to get into a lovely warm bed in a lovely warm house, with a belly full of food, and my family around me. What more is there to life? Yes material things are great, but sometimes we just need to appreciate the little things in life that God has blessed us with.

5. Coming back from the gym after a hard workout: The best feeling ever! I usually just in the shower, leaving me feel fresh and pumped for the rest of the day. Honestly, working out in the morning (if I manage to get out of bed that is) really starts my day on a positive note and makes me feel like I can tackle anything.

6. Taking a relaxing bath with all my best products: You know when you have a product hat you use so sparingly, because it is just so luxurious? It feels so good that moment you use it without a care, and leaves you feeling well-pampered afterwards.

7. Having a long talk, just me and a friend: This is the time I find out so much about the people closest to me, and vice versa. To this day, me and my cousin can literally stay awake most of the night talking about who-knows what, and we just feel so comfortable around each other. Nothing beats that kind of friendship.

8.  Taking a walk: sometimes I wake up in the worst mood, that I have to actually force myself to get dressed and leave the house. But once I walk out that door, I never want to go back inside! With headphones in, or simply being alone with my thoughts, a walk can give me the much needed 'me-time' more than any pamper session or Netflix marathon ever could.

9. Seeing my little nephew smile: If you have a little child in your family, it is likely you understand how I feel when I see my nephew smile or laugh. Just him struggling to tell me a story about his experience to the shops puts a smile on my face. He's adorable laugh is what ultimately makes my life.

10. Sorting out my room and cleaning: I'm one of those people that tidying and sorting out my room provides me with such a great satisfaction! Not so much the cleaning part as the organising, but I just feel so much more at ease feel like I have some control in my life and know what I have and where everything is.

11. Taking your bra off when you get home: Girls all around the world would feel me right now. Like Essie also mentioned, taking your bra off is when you know you can truly relax. That is when the PJ's come out, the hair becomes tied in a bun and the tv is switched on.

12. Summer nights: Summer days are not exactly my favourite - I just end up getting so hot and bothered, its not exactly what I would call a great feeling. But the evenings are a whole different story: the family gatherings around the barbecue having a good old catch-up as the sun sets is one of the highlights of the summer season.

13. Having an evening with my whole family: We talk, we laugh and we listen to stories my parents have to tell of the ''good old days'. Its times like these that you truly appreciate how lucky you are to have these people as your family, and to have them around you at that moment in time.

14. Bonding time with my cat: Did you know that stroking a cat has been proven to be therapeutic? I honestly believe that is true, and I think seeing my cat, and cuddling up to him puts me in a much better mood. It can feel like pets are the only ones who tuly understand how you feel in times of hardships.

15. Finishing reading a book: I just love love love that feeling when you reach the last page of a book. First the pride kicks in that you have finally finished the book, then the reflection starts on what has just happened. Was it an interesting ending, did it have a twist? Should it have ended differently? It is great to just take in what just happened and assess how I feel about it. And then I go to start another novel...

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