07 June 2015

Dear Diary | My Week: Celebrating a Friends Birthday

Last week it was one of my close friends birthday, and so I went on a venture looking for a present for her. I came across this shop, called 'Magical Story' and it was so beautiful! They had really unique and very pretty items, I just wanted to buy everything. My favourite part was a little corner of the shop that was home to all of the owl-themed home products, and right there I decided just how to decorate my future house. The owl-shaped plate dish in particular would be great to place on my dressing table and put my jewellery on to. Everything there was just adorable!

We then went out to treat for Pizza at La Vera, where they actually make the pizza right in front of you. It might have been for this reason, or maybe for the ingredients they used, but it was delicious and authentic tasting. It was such a lovely place to have a catch-up and eat yummy food.

Its times like these when you can celebrate with your friends a milestone in your life (she was turning 19!) that you truly feel blessed. We laughed, we joked and we just had such a good time. Everybody needs good friends, and I'm lucky to have 3 amazing ones. I hope to experience more fun days together, I just can't wait for the summer where we will put all of our plans into action!

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