13 June 2015

Fathers Day | Gift Ideas for the Clueless

With Father's Day just around the corner (21st June FYI) comes the frantic rush of trying to find a gift that shows your appreciation to the one man in your life who you can trust the most (*cue cheesy music*).

From personal experience, Father's Day in my household is just not a big deal. My dad will usually be lucky if he gets a cheesy mug or a box of chocolates from us lot. In comparson, it is Mother's Day we all put some effort into, showering our mothers with gifts to show our appreciation for everything she does for us. This year however, I have made it my mission to show my dad just how thankful I am for having my dad in my life, who has provided me with everything I could ever need.

There are probably better ways to do this than just buying something materialistic (making cooking a meal for him, or literally just giving him a big hug from his favourite child), but if your dad is anything like mine, he probably hates all the lovey-dovey shows of affection. The only way to show him a bit of love is by buying him something, and saving him from that awkward altercation when he doesn't know what to do when presented with a lovely, thoughtful (and cheesy) gift.

Hence, I decided to do my favourite thing and browse online at the best deals and the best items on offer. There are so many places to look: Boots, The Perfume Shop, House of Fraser, and Debenhams all have some great Fathers Day deals.

Everyone loves some novelty gifts, and what better way to add humour to a Father's Day present than giving him a funny card, some cartoon socks and a big ol' mug. Or you can choose to get a little gift set, his favourite sweets or chocolates, maybe some 80's memorabilia. It obviously depends on how well you know your dad, but these are great things to buy when on a budget! Make him laugh and show him your love at the same time!

fathers day gift ideas from house of fraser and debenhams

Philips BT9280 Laser Guided Trimmer  /  Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display  /  J by Jasper Conran Designer gold two tone crystal cufflinks  /  Introduction to Racing Car Driving  /  Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette Collector's Edition Father's Day Set 100ml  /  Joop! Homme Wild Eau De Toilette  /  Accurst Men's Stainless Steel Blue Chronograph Watch
If you have a bit more cash to spend, there are a whole array of items that suit the average man. From expensive perfumes to expensive watches. Or buy something a little more classy, maybe some designer cufflinks, great for something for the older man. Gadgets also make a great gift, wether for grooming or just for leisure, you can really go wrong with some tech. My favourite gift fall has to be an experience day, great for the men with a passion for a particular sport. Personally, my dad is obsessed with all these cars, so the perfect gift for him would be one of those track days where he will able to be do laps in a supercar of his choice. Whats not to love?! It is a bit more on the pricey side, and I hope one day I will be able to afford many experience days, but until then I think I'll stick to what I know (and can afford) by buying him a box of Thorntons' Dark Chocolates and a lovely aftershave.

So what are your plans for Father Day? Have you got your dad anything special, novelty or otherwise?


  1. Great post, I am definitely clueless when it comes to Fathers day presents! I can probably think of 10 ideas for mothers day, but always struggle with what to buy my dad! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. Thank you! Glad it was of some help, I understand it is so much more difficult to shop for fathers than mothers :D x