30 June 2015

Strobing | The new contouring?

With the Kardashian contour being the hottest trend over the past few years, its about time something new came onto the scene. Enter strobing. Ok, so it may not technically be a new technique but over the past week there has been great talk of the trend within the beauty world and I have been reading many articles dubbing it as the new 'contouring'. So in honour of the new trend, I have gathered together everything you need to know to try out the strobing technique for yourself. 

Whereas contouring uses harsh contrasting colours to create sculpted facial features, it often hides any natural beauty under layers and layers of products (I was personally taken aback by how much product is used for the full on contoured affect). It is also harder to master than strobing and what many people don't realise, it doesn't suit everybody (my non-existent cheekbones would make it difficult to fully contour). Therefore with contouring, there is not a one-size-fits-all technique whereas  with strobing, near enough anybody can pull off. 

So what is it? Strobing is a slightly more complex way of highlighting in that there are more precise locations on the face where you should apply product. Instead of playing with the shadows and contours of the face, strobing accentuates the highest points of the face giving a healthy and youthful look. 

Where to highlight: Apply highlighter to the highest points of your face to really accentuate your features. The main places are: At the top of the cheekbones, dabbing the product up near the outer corner of your eye towards the temple; the inner corner of the eyes; on the brow bone; the cupids bow  on top of the upper lip; the tip of the nose. Some make-up artists also use highlighter to create structure, for example by applying a little highlighter on the bridge of the nose to create a sleek shape, or applying on top of the eyebrows to create more definition. It is usually a personal preference how much you want to use the strobing technique, wether it is to go all out or simply to add a bit more radiancy to your make-up look. 

Some tips: The first thing to do would be to avoid any sparkly or glittery highlighters, instead opting for creamy or gel-like formulas that reflect in the light to really uplift your face. 
For the rest of your make-up, keep it simple. Less is more with this look, as it's aim is to give a glowing-from-within look, not one that is covered with layers of other products. I would recommend using a dewy foundation, or if thats not your thing you can use your usual foundation but avoid over-powdering the face and creating a matte look. Cream blushers also great when used with highlighters to really give a brightened and healthy look, teamed up with a slick of lip gloss to finish off the overall look. 

I've also rounded up a few of my favourite highlighters, for every budget:

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer £17.50 
Mac Strobe Cream £25
The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter £12 

I hope you enjoyed this little beauty trend segment! I would love to know, are you looking forward to trying out this new technique? 


  1. I personally prefer contouring. I don't do the Kim K style of contouring though, I use a powder that creates a natural shadow to define my cheekbones & jawline.xx

    1. Yeah, I too love the look lighter contouring gives xx

  2. i watched a tutorial on this the other day and thought it was interesting but i don't know if i would want to highlight that much! i do love high beam though :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. It is honestly pretty easy, with a little bit of practice you'll get there! High beam is great for doing so :)