31 July 2015

Real Silver | L'Oreal Paris Colour Appeal Eyeshadow Review

As of late, I have been completely obsessed with glittering and shimmer eyeshadows. Not in an over-the-top way, but applying it with a light hand for daily wear that makes my eyes pop a little more than a matte eyeshadow would. 

I have heard many good things about the L'Oreal Color Riche Mono Eyeshadows and really wanted to try them out for myself. However, during my bi-weekly shopping trip to Boots, I stumbled across this Color Appeal Eyeshadow and I fell in love with the colour! My guess is that the Color Riche eyeshadows are the replacements for these, hence why I got it cheaper than usual (near enough under £3). 

The packaging is very similar, with a simple layout and gold design which I personally love for a single eyeshadow. I think this particular one is more flimsy than the Color Riche, but then again it does make it feel even more compact for your make-up bag.

There is also a little applicator included, but I don't think anybody actually ever uses it. There's not much need for it either if I'm honest, as your fingers basically do the same thing. I actually prefer to apply it with my ring finger, dabbing it on the centre of my lid and blending it out with a very light touch. The pigmentation is brilliant and easily buildable with virtually no fallout. 

As I said before, I fell in love with the colour. Silver is such a staple shade, one that can be worn with any make-up look to liven the face up a little. For everyday use, I love to wear it on its own with a slick of eyeliner, but I found it also looks good on top of any eyeshadow combination on the centre of the lids to help transition it into an evening look. The lasting power isn't the best as I found without a primer it does fade throughout the day, until all I'm left is with a little bit of leftover shimmer on my lids. With a primer however, it does take me through the day quite easily and I definitely see more colour by night-time as I'm removing my make-up than I would have without a primer. 

With the wedding season in full swing, this is sure to be one of the shades I'll be reaching for to add a bit more of an oomph to my make-up look, as well as using it on a daily basis to make me look a little more awake. I think after trying this I am sure to get a few of the Color Riche eyeshadows as the colours are beautiful and so versatile.

29 July 2015

10 Mid-Year Goals

After trying (and failing) to keep my New Years Resolutions, I decided I would write a list of goals to achieve in the months we have left of 2015. This year is already flying by but starting today, I am determined I will make the most of the time we have left and finally get a move-on to do the things I have always wanted to do.

So here we go, here are my mid-year goals that are going to be achieved by December 31st:...

1. Have a weekend away in Paris
2. Go to a theme park
3. Visit Madame Tussauds in London
4. Read everything on my university reading list
5. Get an internship
6. Get fit and healthy (and maybe lose a few extra pounds while i'm there)
7. Start learning a new language
8. Learn how to sew
9. Save up money for something big (I haven't quite decided what just yet)
10. Reach a blogging milestone

26 July 2015

Hair Removal Talk & Braun Silk-epil 3 3270 Epilator Review

I was recently on a search for effective hair removal for my arms and legs. After having previously tried out my mums epilator, and understanding how painful it could be, I took the plunge and went out to buy one for myself.
There are many epilators out there on the market and I was contemplating on buying a pretty expensive one at first (either the Braun Silk-Epil 5 or 7) but then I figured, what if it doesn't work as well I hoped, or maybe all do the same thing. Whatever the reason, I played it safe and bought this one: the Braun Silk-epil 3 3270 Epilator. 
And to my delight, it was half price at £29.99 down from £59.99 at Boots, so I just had to get it.

The set-up was straightforward, just plug it in and your good to go. However, it does come with a European plug and no adaptor, so that could be a problem for those living in the UK (I'm not sure why it doesn't have an adaptor with it, that was a disappointed. Luckily, my mum already had one at home from a previous holiday.) There are two speed settings, one slower and the other slightly faster, to accommodate the different areas you wish to remove the hair. There is also a 'lady shaver' attachment that is recommended for use of longer hairs before epilating them, and a brush to clean the heads afterwards. 

To prep my skin before using the epilator, I just had a shower like normal and used an exfoliating body scrub along with my exfoliating shower gloves as it is recommended to prevent ingrown hairs. The great thing is that nothing else is needed for the areas you wish to epilate - just get the machine and you're good to go. 

Now, I'm not gonna lie: It hurt so bad the first time I used it. My fists were clenched and my teeth locked shut as I tried to push through it. And that was only during the removal of my arm hair.  Epilating my legs wasn't as bad, but it did still hurt especially around the knee area. Think of it as multiple tweezers pulling out the hair at once, which is quite a difficult feeling to imagine.

My mum reassured me that over time it becomes practically painless after you do it a few times, so I stuck with it and I've now been using it for over 5 weeks. She is indeed correct, as I can now do it within a 10 minute stretch straight after my shower with very little pain. There are still some parts sensitive, but I think its difficult to get a good hair removal that is completely painless. I epilate around once a week, but I found that I can see hair growth in about 5-6 days, which is actually really good especially when your used to the daily hassle of razors!

Overall I am so happy with my epilator. Although the word 'epilating' can be pretty daunting, especially when you have to spend quite a lot of money of a little machine that has spinning tweezers on the end of it, it is a worthwhile purchase. Its not as painless as shaving but it is a hell of a lot less hassle too. And its much less messier than waxing can ever be! Its handy too, as you can just whack out the epilator and remove the hair wherever it is needed which with time becomes much less painful that you can almost not even feel it. I've noticed that my hair actually has become finer with regular epilation, a myth I perviously didn't believe until now that I see it with my own eyes. What you do have to be wary of is the ingrown hairs that can occur, particularly on the legs where the hair has grown backwards into the follicle causing a bump in the skin. However, this can be easily avoided with regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, and you can even buy creams such as these Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads to wipe down the skin after epilating.

I would definitely recommend an epilator to anybody who wants their hair removal to last longer than a day! Its only a one-off purchase too meaning there is no need to constantly buy razors, shaving cream or wax strips. There are many on the market which are suitable for a range of different uses for every budget.

I need to add a little side-note: hair removal is a personal preference and I don't think anybody should feel the need to have a completely hairless body just to be accepted. If it makes you feel more confident and happy, then go for it! If you just want to embrace what you've got then theres no need to change as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin. No-one should dictate how you feel about such topics, just do whatever you think is right for you!

I hope this post helps anybody who has thought about this type of hair removal, and if so feel free to leave a comment below.

24 July 2015

Style Inspirations: Bethany Mota and Cara Delevingne

Cara delevingne style and fashion inspiration

Bethany Mota designer of Aeropostale and fashion icon

I present to you two of my style inspirations this month, the two women who have recently inspired me in my clothing choices (or should I say helped to me cause some great damage to my bank account after doing some shopping).

Cara Delevingne, the model of the moment, always has that casual and effortless look about her. Albeit, she could wear a bin bag and pull it off but thankfully she doesn't. Instead, she changes her style for every event she goes to, fittingly demonstrating her own adventurous personality: from her androgynous power suits, to embracing her femininity in floaty dresses, she always seems to pull off any look. Her beauty never ceases to amaze me and seeing her face everywhere makes me love her even more. From what I've seen from binge-watching her interviews on youtube, I've come to realise what an amazing personality she has where she can literally light up any room she's in (apart from that awkward TV interview that everybody would like to forget). She is continuously growing and I can;t wait for her to star in some of the most-anticipated movies within the coming years.

From being one of the biggest Youtubers around to becoming an emerging business woman, Bethany Mota always seems to bring it with her style. Its no surprise she has her own clothing range with Aeropostale, which I am in love with. She has a really fun and youthful edge to her look, one that is both pretty and casual in a way she can totally pull off. She basically has every teenagers dream wardrobe. Her style looks effortless and casual, and I love the way she pieces her outfits together with great thought. I continue to watch her videos and admire her transition in front of the camera as she grows from teenage girl to woman, yet she continues to be genuine to herself. She's basically like a younger/ older sister to us all!

So there you have it - Two of my favourite style inspirations of the month. Who is it thats inspired your summer wardrobe recently?

22 July 2015

Exploring London | The City of Dreams

Leicester Square station in London, United Kingdom

London Eye, family city trip to the greatest place in the UK

London red telephone box

london gardens and memorial

London buckingham palace gates

war memorial in the london tower red poppies flowing

london guards

floating yoda as tourist attractions in london

It was only last year that my family and I went on a little spontaneous trip to London. Although we live in the UK, you might find it mad that this is the first time we had all been to the capital city but we never really had the opportunity to go. So when we finally decided to venture outside the small area of Solihull to the UK's capital city, I just knew it was going to be a great experience. 

From visiting the London tower to standing outside Buckingham Palace, I think we did pretty much all that there was to do in one day! We each got passes for the London Underground stations and travelled all over the city to visit the beautiful tourist hotspots. Honestly, it was one of my favourite days ever and has motivated me even more to travel the world. There is so much to see and so many experiences to have, that is why for one my goals to do in my twenties is to go visit anywhere and everywhere I can. It is safe to say I have found my happy place ^_^

19 July 2015

Milani Lipstick | Review

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So I ventured out and finally treated myself to a new lipstick. It's funny because after scouring the shelves of Superdrug, nothing really caught my eye on this one occasion. It is only when my friends and I went to the Custard Factory (in Birmingham) when we discovered a cute little independent business that sold makeup not usually found in the UK: from Covergirl to NYX and a whole load of others, some of which I didn't even recognise.  When I saw the Milani section, I was so excited. I have heard so much about this brand but never had the opportunity to try, let alone own one of their products. I was even more pleased when I saw the price as the lipsticks ranged were around £4 and blushes ranged from £5-£6! Whilst the blushers reminded me of Max Factor's Creme Puff Blushes, the lipsticks were a little different to anything Maybelline or Revlon have to offer. Plus they came in beautiful shades with even lovelier formulas that were neither matte nor gloss but instead had a shimmer finish.

I opted for the shade Chilled Brandy that had a gorgeous plan undertone and a sheen finish. Although it looks darker in the packaging, once applied to the lips the colour is able to be built up to own preferences. One slick is perfect for me to add a nice flush of colour but with a few more coats the reddish purple colour really comes through. I was also pleasantly surprised with the lasting power as it can easily stay for around 3-4 until the colour starts to fade and needs reapplying within about 6 hours which is great for an inexpensive drugstore product, especially considering its not a matte formula which tend to linger on the lips longer.

Unlike most lipsticks, it isn't drying on my lips at all and instead I feel like it actually nourishes them which is a great bonus. Another positive is the pleasant scent of the product, which I absolutely love. Its quite a sweet and fruity scent that becomes more prominent when applied, but for those who don't like this it does fade away after a few minutes so there's no need to worry. Its such a nice little touch from Milani because no-one likes horrible smelling make-up, especially when it comes to lip products. The packaging is gorgeous too, much like the actual product as it comes in a study gold casing giving it sleek and sophisticated look. Its all of these little things that simply finish off the makings of a wonderful, inexpensive product.

Its a huge shame that Milani isn't sold in drugstores in the UK but maybe one day they'll bring it over here. At least I hope they will anyway. Until then, there's always online shopping or if you're lucky maybe you'll stumble upon an amazing little shop in your town centre. Its worth a try!

17 July 2015

Summer Nails | The go-to colours

Nail polishes - bourgeois collection rimmel london max factor nails inc

pretty spring / summer pastel and bright nail colours

Summer is the perfect excuse to give your nails a makeover in any bright colours you wish. From bright pinks, reds and greens, the drugstore always seem to have a great range of colours available.
If your looking for some brights, Collections Lasting Colour range are great, and affordable too. Rimmel are another awesome drugstore brand for their colour range and are always bringing out new collections that provide refreshing new colours : the 'I Love' range and 'Rita Ora' collection are my faves in terms of colour and can be quite long-lasting with an extra top-coat.

If your looking for something a little more subtle, go for ice-cream colours, pastels, or even a classic French manicure for that polished look. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Range has some amazing pastel shades that apply really well and give a lovely finish. Bourjois and Lottie London ranges also have a huge variety of really nice nude shades that have great lasting power.

Nails Inc and Essie are a bit more pricey and are holy grail brands amongst bloggers, and for good reason too. From brights to pastels, to glitters, to mattes and shines, you'll be able to find any colour you wish from these brands. 

Whatever you choose, now is the time to be creative with your nails and just go for it! They are a great way of expressing your mood, without any of the effort and can really finish your look off for the summer holidays.

What are your ultimate summer nail colours?

14 July 2015

Dear Diary: Ramadan, Reading and Visiting Birmingham Central Library

we were liars book, ramadan, and visiting birmingham central library

Ramadan: As you probably have heard, this month is the Islamic month of Ramadan. This is where Muslims all around the world unite in strict fasting from sunrise to sunset, strengthening bonds with both family and God. The month commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad, which ends with the celebration of the Eid holiday. For me, the fasting has not been too hard, although the restriction of water can be quite difficult! However, because of this the day feels longer and therefore gives me the time to do the things I always excused, like getting through my university reading list or finally finishing season 4 of Prison Break! Of course, the most important thing it has given me time to do is to start reading the Quran in english as well as attempt to read 5 prayers a day as much as I can. It can be challenging, especially when you don't have much energy, but at the end of the day it is highly rewarding.

Spending time outdoors / reading - As I said before, fasting has opened up so much free time for me so I have been doing quite a lot of reading lately. I particularly love doing this whilst lounging outside and energy the lovely weather we have been blessed with recently. I am currently on 'We were liars' by E.Lockhart, which is a lovely easy summer read, especially when your concentration levels are pretty low! It has some good characters and interesting plot twists which makes for a really enjoyable book. 

Finally visiting Birmingham Central library - Although I live fairly close to Birmingham (just outside the city really), I have never really had the chance to explore the monument that is Central Library. With billions of pounds being invested in the building, I thought I owe it to myself, as a dedicated student of English Literature, to finally visit the place that is the home to all things cultural. Whilst the view inside was spectacular (the picture above of the many bookshelves was incredible), the view from the outside balcony was just as astounding. You could see so much of Birmingham from the top and it opened my eyes to what an incredible city it is! 
Not forgetting the books aspect of the library, my friends and I went to visit the different parts of the library, one in particular which excited me the most was the Shakespeare room. It was so interesting to see the shoddy but loved Shakespeare's plays in the glass cabinets, allowing you to truly recognise what an iconic writer he was. For general loaning of books, I'm not sure this library really caters to it as the adult fiction section was pretty small (much to my disappointment), but other than that it truly is a remarkable place to visit if your ever in Birmingham!

Now that university as finished, July has been a pretty relaxing month so far. From seeing more of my family to going on long, casual walks, I have been loving this new-found freedom. Wanting to start a new hobby, I have found myself doing a bit more drawing, a hobby of mine that has been lost between the chaos of work and university of life - it has been really good getting back to old pastimes lately. With some time on my hands, I have also been sorting out my room slowly each day and I honestly can't believe how much junk I was hoarding away. With 2 bin bags full of old college work and so-called memorabilia that I don't really care about, I thought it was finally time to let go of things that I don't really need. That goes to my wardrobe as well. I think I must have thrown away mist of my clothes, which is a lot! I had items from back when I was 14 years old (I am now approaching 20) to clothes I stored away for when I 'lost weight' (not a good idea, trust me!). Getting rid of it all felt so refreshing and left me feeling really organised. It also gave me an excuse to shop for the items I felt were missing from my wardrobe, so that ended in a fun shopping session on ASOS! All-in-all, it has been a pretty good week!.

08 July 2015

Bargain Buy | Miss Sporty Mascara & Pump Up Booster Waterproof Eyeliner

Review of Miss Sporty's Pump Up Booster Waterproof eyeliner and Fabulous Lash Mascara

A review of Miss Sporty's Pump Up Booster Waterproof eyeliner and Fabulous Lash Mascara

A review and comparison of Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara and Rimmel's Super Lash Mascara

Browsing through Superdrug, I was looking for an eyeliner that was good value but that doesn't disappoint in its formula. It was my cousin who recommended me this Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster Waterproof eyeliner and she swore by it so I thought I would give it a try out for myself. While I was there, I decided to buy a mascara from the same range seeing as it was on offer and there wasn't much to lose.

As quite a newbie to liquid eyeliner, I found this one really easy to apply! I loved the long wand which gave you more control of how you wanted the liner to go, whilst it being really thin allows you to draw a subtle fine line that you can build up. It is also pretty fast-drying, which is another bonus, but I did find that as you go throughout the day you may get breaks in the applied eyeliner, especially if you wear it for about 7+ hours. But for the price of £2.79, with offers usually being on the majority of the time, its a bargain and great if your new to liquid eyeliner or looking for a cheap product to wear for everyday without having to worry about the price of it. 

The mascara, at the fabulous price of £1.99, is great considering how cheap it is. Like the eyeliner, it is not the best drugstore product on the market and it can get a quite clumpy which can really annoy some people. But if you apply a light layer, and even use an eyelash comb, it can be good to wear as a cheap alternative on a daily basis. I can imagine this being great for school or college, where you want something that you can wear without it being too dramatic (although for a bigger effect it is easy to build up). It doesn't give you the greatest volume, but instead makes it look like 'your lashes but better' and for under £2 it is good for a subtler look. I pictured it above next to my Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara as I noticed they look nearly identical in both the packaging and even the brushes. For £3 more however, I have to say the formula of Rimmel's mascara is a little better as it gives thicker lashes and lasts longer on the eyes than the Miss Sporty one. 

Again, these products are both immensely great value and I would recommend them for anybody on a budget. They may not be great for a super long day, but with regular top-ups, you should be fine. However, if you are looking for something with a better lasting power, I would consider getting something of a better quality such as the L'oreal Superliner eyeliner or the classic Maybelline Falsies Mascara. 

05 July 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow | Review

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow | Review

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow | Review

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow | Makeup Review

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow | Review and swatches

Not usually one for eyeshadows, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and finally opt for one that is fuss-free and great for everyday use so I have no excuse not wear it. Cream eyeshadows seem ed the way to go, as you can wear it on its own but also team up with other colours to create different looks. Me, being a lazy one, I love just quickly applying it in the morning and then simply heading out in hope that it stays intact all day with having to reapply. What better option to choose than a ''24 Hour Color Tattoo' for the lids? 

The creamy texture allows for easy application which can be done using your fingers, eliminating the need to invest in an eyeshadow brush. It is also very pigmented, that is easily build able simply by taping the product lightly on your eyelid.  I'm not sure if it actually lasts '24 hours', but it definitely stays put all day. 

I love how you can use it as a base for other eye shadows, or like I said, just wear on its own with maybe a flick of eyeliner and your ready to go. 

At £5.99 you can't really go wrong! I bought the colour 'Pink Gold' but the shade 'And On Bronze' is a favourite among bloggers and I'm sure it will soon be one of mine too. 

03 July 2015

Superdrug Colour Hair Spray | Review

Superdrug Colour Hair Spray in Pink Punch and Blue Mood Review

I am a huge fan of coloured hair (I'm just a child at heart really), so when I saw these sprays I was adamant on trying them out. 

At first, I did find it quite difficult to apply. It said to keep it 30cm away from hair, (but me not being good with measurements) found that it was still sharp when I pressed the nozzle, leaving the colour to be stronger in some sections of my hair than others.

Once I finally got over the initial application, I found that the product dried stiff, which can feel pretty uncomfortable in your hair. It even starts to crumble when I ran my fingers through my hair and brushed through it with my comb, taking a lot of product out. This wasn't all such a bad thing however, as I found it gave a more subtler look who I actually preferred to the initial application, although combing your hair too much will probably get rid of nearly all the colour. 

The lasting power was great though as it lasted in my hair all day, and I even saw traces of it the ext day to just before I washed it out. But being a dark-haired gal, the pigmentation wasn't as strong as it would have been if I were blonde which was a little disappointing. 

The colour range as a whole is really good and the spray bottle is really handy for quick applications. But if you are genuinely wanting colour in your hair, this wouldn't be the best option for you. First application can be ok, but it does end-up looking stiff and clearly unnatural after it dries. I guess on the plus side, it does have good lasting power which would make it great for a one-day event of some sort. 

At £2.99, its pretty much a bargain but you do get what you pay for. However, You could always just save it for Halloween if its not your thing!