14 July 2015

Dear Diary: Ramadan, Reading and Visiting Birmingham Central Library

we were liars book, ramadan, and visiting birmingham central library

Ramadan: As you probably have heard, this month is the Islamic month of Ramadan. This is where Muslims all around the world unite in strict fasting from sunrise to sunset, strengthening bonds with both family and God. The month commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad, which ends with the celebration of the Eid holiday. For me, the fasting has not been too hard, although the restriction of water can be quite difficult! However, because of this the day feels longer and therefore gives me the time to do the things I always excused, like getting through my university reading list or finally finishing season 4 of Prison Break! Of course, the most important thing it has given me time to do is to start reading the Quran in english as well as attempt to read 5 prayers a day as much as I can. It can be challenging, especially when you don't have much energy, but at the end of the day it is highly rewarding.

Spending time outdoors / reading - As I said before, fasting has opened up so much free time for me so I have been doing quite a lot of reading lately. I particularly love doing this whilst lounging outside and energy the lovely weather we have been blessed with recently. I am currently on 'We were liars' by E.Lockhart, which is a lovely easy summer read, especially when your concentration levels are pretty low! It has some good characters and interesting plot twists which makes for a really enjoyable book. 

Finally visiting Birmingham Central library - Although I live fairly close to Birmingham (just outside the city really), I have never really had the chance to explore the monument that is Central Library. With billions of pounds being invested in the building, I thought I owe it to myself, as a dedicated student of English Literature, to finally visit the place that is the home to all things cultural. Whilst the view inside was spectacular (the picture above of the many bookshelves was incredible), the view from the outside balcony was just as astounding. You could see so much of Birmingham from the top and it opened my eyes to what an incredible city it is! 
Not forgetting the books aspect of the library, my friends and I went to visit the different parts of the library, one in particular which excited me the most was the Shakespeare room. It was so interesting to see the shoddy but loved Shakespeare's plays in the glass cabinets, allowing you to truly recognise what an iconic writer he was. For general loaning of books, I'm not sure this library really caters to it as the adult fiction section was pretty small (much to my disappointment), but other than that it truly is a remarkable place to visit if your ever in Birmingham!

Now that university as finished, July has been a pretty relaxing month so far. From seeing more of my family to going on long, casual walks, I have been loving this new-found freedom. Wanting to start a new hobby, I have found myself doing a bit more drawing, a hobby of mine that has been lost between the chaos of work and university of life - it has been really good getting back to old pastimes lately. With some time on my hands, I have also been sorting out my room slowly each day and I honestly can't believe how much junk I was hoarding away. With 2 bin bags full of old college work and so-called memorabilia that I don't really care about, I thought it was finally time to let go of things that I don't really need. That goes to my wardrobe as well. I think I must have thrown away mist of my clothes, which is a lot! I had items from back when I was 14 years old (I am now approaching 20) to clothes I stored away for when I 'lost weight' (not a good idea, trust me!). Getting rid of it all felt so refreshing and left me feeling really organised. It also gave me an excuse to shop for the items I felt were missing from my wardrobe, so that ended in a fun shopping session on ASOS! All-in-all, it has been a pretty good week!.


  1. I just came back from Egypt 2 days ago and the people there were doing Ramadan fasting too, yet the thing that shocked me so much, was that at 40 degree weather, how can one restrain from water? It's incredible that people are able to, and I give you props to that!
    I love reading too!
    Woohoo to shopping!
    Hope you're having a great month! <3

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    1. I know, it truly is amazing! I am lucky enough to live in England so the weather isn't too hot thankfully, but I agree because it really does take some strength

  2. I'm trying to spend more time outside too. :)


    1. Me too, especially now the weather is getting a bit warmer :)