31 July 2015

Real Silver | L'Oreal Paris Colour Appeal Eyeshadow Review

As of late, I have been completely obsessed with glittering and shimmer eyeshadows. Not in an over-the-top way, but applying it with a light hand for daily wear that makes my eyes pop a little more than a matte eyeshadow would. 

I have heard many good things about the L'Oreal Color Riche Mono Eyeshadows and really wanted to try them out for myself. However, during my bi-weekly shopping trip to Boots, I stumbled across this Color Appeal Eyeshadow and I fell in love with the colour! My guess is that the Color Riche eyeshadows are the replacements for these, hence why I got it cheaper than usual (near enough under £3). 

The packaging is very similar, with a simple layout and gold design which I personally love for a single eyeshadow. I think this particular one is more flimsy than the Color Riche, but then again it does make it feel even more compact for your make-up bag.

There is also a little applicator included, but I don't think anybody actually ever uses it. There's not much need for it either if I'm honest, as your fingers basically do the same thing. I actually prefer to apply it with my ring finger, dabbing it on the centre of my lid and blending it out with a very light touch. The pigmentation is brilliant and easily buildable with virtually no fallout. 

As I said before, I fell in love with the colour. Silver is such a staple shade, one that can be worn with any make-up look to liven the face up a little. For everyday use, I love to wear it on its own with a slick of eyeliner, but I found it also looks good on top of any eyeshadow combination on the centre of the lids to help transition it into an evening look. The lasting power isn't the best as I found without a primer it does fade throughout the day, until all I'm left is with a little bit of leftover shimmer on my lids. With a primer however, it does take me through the day quite easily and I definitely see more colour by night-time as I'm removing my make-up than I would have without a primer. 

With the wedding season in full swing, this is sure to be one of the shades I'll be reaching for to add a bit more of an oomph to my make-up look, as well as using it on a daily basis to make me look a little more awake. I think after trying this I am sure to get a few of the Color Riche eyeshadows as the colours are beautiful and so versatile.


  1. This looks lovely! Such a perfect color for going out or for special events. Great review!
    xo Kiki

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love the colour, its so pretty