24 July 2015

Style Inspirations: Bethany Mota and Cara Delevingne

Cara delevingne style and fashion inspiration

Bethany Mota designer of Aeropostale and fashion icon

I present to you two of my style inspirations this month, the two women who have recently inspired me in my clothing choices (or should I say helped to me cause some great damage to my bank account after doing some shopping).

Cara Delevingne, the model of the moment, always has that casual and effortless look about her. Albeit, she could wear a bin bag and pull it off but thankfully she doesn't. Instead, she changes her style for every event she goes to, fittingly demonstrating her own adventurous personality: from her androgynous power suits, to embracing her femininity in floaty dresses, she always seems to pull off any look. Her beauty never ceases to amaze me and seeing her face everywhere makes me love her even more. From what I've seen from binge-watching her interviews on youtube, I've come to realise what an amazing personality she has where she can literally light up any room she's in (apart from that awkward TV interview that everybody would like to forget). She is continuously growing and I can;t wait for her to star in some of the most-anticipated movies within the coming years.

From being one of the biggest Youtubers around to becoming an emerging business woman, Bethany Mota always seems to bring it with her style. Its no surprise she has her own clothing range with Aeropostale, which I am in love with. She has a really fun and youthful edge to her look, one that is both pretty and casual in a way she can totally pull off. She basically has every teenagers dream wardrobe. Her style looks effortless and casual, and I love the way she pieces her outfits together with great thought. I continue to watch her videos and admire her transition in front of the camera as she grows from teenage girl to woman, yet she continues to be genuine to herself. She's basically like a younger/ older sister to us all!

So there you have it - Two of my favourite style inspirations of the month. Who is it thats inspired your summer wardrobe recently?


  1. Bethany is a true inspiration. She reach such a vast success at a young age. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I agree! I know that she is one of the main reasons I started blogging :)

  2. Bethany is super cute, her style is adorable <3

    1. I know right, I just want her entire wardrobe!x