17 July 2015

Summer Nails | The go-to colours

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pretty spring / summer pastel and bright nail colours

Summer is the perfect excuse to give your nails a makeover in any bright colours you wish. From bright pinks, reds and greens, the drugstore always seem to have a great range of colours available.
If your looking for some brights, Collections Lasting Colour range are great, and affordable too. Rimmel are another awesome drugstore brand for their colour range and are always bringing out new collections that provide refreshing new colours : the 'I Love' range and 'Rita Ora' collection are my faves in terms of colour and can be quite long-lasting with an extra top-coat.

If your looking for something a little more subtle, go for ice-cream colours, pastels, or even a classic French manicure for that polished look. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Range has some amazing pastel shades that apply really well and give a lovely finish. Bourjois and Lottie London ranges also have a huge variety of really nice nude shades that have great lasting power.

Nails Inc and Essie are a bit more pricey and are holy grail brands amongst bloggers, and for good reason too. From brights to pastels, to glitters, to mattes and shines, you'll be able to find any colour you wish from these brands. 

Whatever you choose, now is the time to be creative with your nails and just go for it! They are a great way of expressing your mood, without any of the effort and can really finish your look off for the summer holidays.

What are your ultimate summer nail colours?

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