03 July 2015

Superdrug Colour Hair Spray | Review

Superdrug Colour Hair Spray in Pink Punch and Blue Mood Review

I am a huge fan of coloured hair (I'm just a child at heart really), so when I saw these sprays I was adamant on trying them out. 

At first, I did find it quite difficult to apply. It said to keep it 30cm away from hair, (but me not being good with measurements) found that it was still sharp when I pressed the nozzle, leaving the colour to be stronger in some sections of my hair than others.

Once I finally got over the initial application, I found that the product dried stiff, which can feel pretty uncomfortable in your hair. It even starts to crumble when I ran my fingers through my hair and brushed through it with my comb, taking a lot of product out. This wasn't all such a bad thing however, as I found it gave a more subtler look who I actually preferred to the initial application, although combing your hair too much will probably get rid of nearly all the colour. 

The lasting power was great though as it lasted in my hair all day, and I even saw traces of it the ext day to just before I washed it out. But being a dark-haired gal, the pigmentation wasn't as strong as it would have been if I were blonde which was a little disappointing. 

The colour range as a whole is really good and the spray bottle is really handy for quick applications. But if you are genuinely wanting colour in your hair, this wouldn't be the best option for you. First application can be ok, but it does end-up looking stiff and clearly unnatural after it dries. I guess on the plus side, it does have good lasting power which would make it great for a one-day event of some sort. 

At £2.99, its pretty much a bargain but you do get what you pay for. However, You could always just save it for Halloween if its not your thing!


  1. These sound ideal for Halloween or to add a bit of colour to hair quickly plus the price is a bargain! x


    1. This is perfect for Halloween! I do love a bit of colour in my hair when going to gigs and concerts too x