28 August 2015

Dear Diary | Trip to Coventry and Watching Paper Towns

Coventry cathedral, childrens tv through the years, paper towns with nat woolf and cara delevingne

Currently Reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and I have to say that I'm really enojying it. Both the dark writing and the intensity of the characters is compelling, making you want to keep reading!
Currently Watching: American Horror Story and its getting good...
Currently Listening to: The Empire Soundtrack (I am in love with Jussie Smollett's voice)
Latest Movie I Watched: The Best of Me via Netflix. An adaption from a classic Nicholas Sparks' book, it was a soppy one but I did enjoy it. Although it is similar to basically every other book-based film of his.

With the summer drawing to a close, this week has been somewhat of an interesting one. My mum took us on a day trip to Coventry to see the exhibition of Children's TV through the years to evoke some nostalgia for all of us. Coventry as a city is one we've never really visited despite only living in Birmingham for the whole of my life, so it was nice to see the beautiful architecture. In particular, St Michael's Old Cathedral, which was left in ruins after the 9 hour Blitz in 1940, was breath-taking to see a piece of shocking history right before my eyes. I was surprised to see that the exhibition itself was right across the road from the cathedral, and so it was easy to see what everything we wanted to right in the same vicinity.

Me and my mum thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and found seeing our childhood favourites an exciting experience while my brother being the teenager he is wasn't exactly interested. From the Tweenies gang to Rosie and Jim, I was in awe of the real life dolls we saw of my favourite childhood characters. My mum also pointed out some of her own memorable favourites including the original Humpty Dumpty! Overall it was a great place to go for the whole family and I would definitely recommend it if you're in the area.

Me and my friends decided to spend a day watching the highly anticipated Paper Towns film and go out for a lovely Costa afterwards. I read John Green's novel over a year ago so it wasn't exactly fresh in my memory. I was actually glad for my terrible memory because that way I managed to enjoy the film like it was a new experience, recognising some particularly memorable events that made me laugh.
I absolutely adore both Nat Woolf and Cara Delevingne so I was excited to see them both in action on the big screen. After Nat Woolf''s depiction of Isaac in 'The Fault in Our Stars' I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I'm not sure if it is John Green's impeccable male characters or the actors who play them, but I just fell in love with Nat/Quentin as I did with Augustus in 'The Fault in our Stars.' They are both very cute and quirky 'geeks' (who, despite their characters lacking in sporty activities, happen to have 6-packs - although I'm not complaining!).
Seeing Cara in her first leading role however was really exciting and I couldn't wait to see how she played Margo. When I first read it, I imagined a character very unlike Cara but since she was announced to play her I thought she would be perfect. Although her performance didn't disappoint me, it didn't wow me either. The American accent was a little of, and I felt like I could see her being well out of her comfort zone. Her overall acting wasn't exactly brilliant but I'm just putting that down to her lack of experience. Hopefully, by the release of the Suicide Squad movie, she will be miles better, but until then I continue to applaud her for giving it her all and defying what everybody says about models and acting, instead she's doing what she truly loves.
I thought the movie itself was really good. With adaptions from books, it can often be a hit-or-miss situation but this one was definitely a hit. If you don't know what it about, the story follow the main characters (Quentin played by Nat Woolf) who has this amazing and unforgettable night with the girl he has unrequited love for (Margo played by Cara Delevingne). That is until she disappears the next day. Q makes it his mission to find her and tell her how he feels, with the help of his friends who come along with him on this journey. It is a real youthful film, that will make you laugh and maybe even cry. It is perfect to go see with your best mates or your boyfriend, and it will really remind you of your own teen years and the experiences you had in your last days of secondary school/  high school.

Its not been the most exciting of weeks but with weddings to attend, my birthday coming up and last-minute preparations for university, I'm sure the next few weeks will be getting pretty busy!


  1. Really want to go see paper towns and we are your friends!


    1. Ooh yeah, We Are Your Friends looks good too!x

  2. Must go see Paper Towns for sure! Really want to see the cute emotions disney film think its inside out or something x


    1. You should, its good. Oh yes, Inside Out! That looks so funny :D