30 September 2015

Paris Diary: Day 1 | River Seine, Notre Dame Cathedral and Shopping

It feels like yesterday that I was waking up in my hotel in Paris and planning how I was going to spend my day! However, I've been home for a while now and I just about managed to recover from the 1-hour jet-lag (just kidding ;) ) and got back into my usual routine.

I have so much to share with you guys! In fact, its too much to put down all in one post, especially the amazing photos I managed to take, so I decided to dedicate a week or two for publishing what I did on each of the four days I was there. And let me tell you, it was a lot!

Today I present to you, Day 1 in my 4-day instalment of my Paris trip. 

As I had never in my 20 years been on an aeroplane, I was both excitement yet at the same time nervous for going on one! I had heard that the turbulence can be pretty scary but thankfully the weather was lovely and we had no problems taking off or landing. In fact, I loved the entire flight as I just watched the world below looking beautiful through my tiny little aeroplane window. already I knew it was going to be a good few days as just the flight had exceeded my expectations!

Although we were knackered from the flight and had trouble finding our hotel, when we finally settled down to unpack, we decided to just walk around and see where it takes us.

We ended up seeing quite a lot on the first day, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, walking through the Louvre, visiting the Latin Quarter markets and doing some shopping on a huge Paris high street! I also tasted my first authentic French Croissant and it was delicious!

France Paris holiday french food croissant and jam

France Paris holiday louvre museum mona lisa architecture

France Paris holiday visiting the louvre museum pyramids sunny day

France Paris holiday louvre museum beautiful buildings

France Paris holiday bridge and love locks

France Paris holiday notre dame cathedral on the bridge

France Paris holiday markets stalls shops shopping tourists

France Paris holiday sephora shopping makeup beauty designer products

France Paris holiday old buildings

I hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peek into my first day in Paris, watch out on Friday for my post documenting Day 2 of my trip which involves going to Disneyland Paris!! 


  1. I love Paris, it's such a beautiful city & there is so much to do/see. Of course i love the food too. Sounds like you had a great trip x

    Beauty with charm

    1. It is such a lovely place to visit! And yes thank you, I had a lovely time x

  2. Wonderful! I'm actually going this week, first time abroad in YEARS! Only for the day but very excited! Reading your posts has me even more so

    1. Thats great, I hope you have a great time!x