03 September 2015

Witch Skincare Haul | Face Wash, Blackhead Clearing Gel, Overnight Serum and Blemish Stick.

Witch Skincare Haul and Review

Witch Hazel Bursting Beads Face Wash

Witch lackhead Clearing Gel

Witch Overnight Clearing Serum Skincare Review

Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stickz

I have used Witch since I was a teenager and as a throwback, I decided to try out their products once again and see how they lived up to my memories. From what I already know, the Witch range is great for problematic skin types that is prone to acne and break-outs. Although my skin is usually fairly calm, I have found myself breaking out more often now that I've started to wear more make-up. My skin is usually dry too, which isn't the best skin type for these products but I loved the fact they are so affordable and often on offer in Boots that I just had to give them a try to see to what extent it could clear my skin. 

As part of my morning routine, once a week I like to exfoliate using this face wash as I find it really cleans my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. leaves my sin feeling clean and refreshed. The Witch Hazel Extract in it also has some great benefits including tackling spots, removing excess oils and naturally toning. I loved the application of this as the tiny balls in the product are not harsh at all as the texture is gel like, making it a lovely soothing morning skincare addition. However, I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin as it can leave face feeling tight and it may even break you out which is what happened with me.
So I passed it on to my teenage brother whose oily skin was getting on my nerves. After a week of using it, I could see a huge difference in his complexion. It totally got rid of the excess oils on his face and made him look much cleaner and fresh faced, which made me very happy to see.  I would definitely recommend this if you have oily skin, but anything less, you need to be wary when using it. 
As like all the other Witch products I purchased, it does have a slight Witch Hazel smell to it. I like this though, as it just reminds me of the freshness the products provide and is a nice soothing scent to use both in the morning and at night-time.

Next is the clearing gel, which has a lovely like texture to it that absorbs applies nicely onto the skin. I like to use this as a second cleanse, as it is great to remove any traces left of make-up leftover after my first cleanse, after which I then apply my usual moisturiser. I have noticed a difference in my complexion after using it for over a week, as the size of my pores have reduced and blemishes seem to have faded slightly. I will be sure to do a more thorough review once I have used the product a little more, so watch out for that soon!

With my skin being already dry, I felt the need for a serum. Although this wasn't my first choice of serum as initially I didn't think it would provide the moisture my skin needed but seeing as it was on offer, I thought I had may as well try it along with everything else in the range. After switching my usual overnight cream for this serum for the last few days, I was pleasantly surprised with the difference it made to my skin. It looked my hydrated and plumper, something I didn't really expect, but I actually love this! You can find a more detailed review here

I don't get many blemishes (thankfully!), but when I can anticipate an annoying zit popping up on my face, I like to apply a little of this to soothe it a little. Although I don't feel it gets rid of the actual spot or anything, I do find it refreshing to apply and calming to the skin. It goes on smoothly and works well under any make-up you put on top. I think this product would work well alongside other spot-reducing products, especially if you have blemishes or oily/ spot prone skin. 

Have you used any of the Witch products? If so, what are your favourites?


  1. I haven't tried any Witch products but I really enjoyed reading your review and like the sound of the serum and blackhead gel :) I use a spot cream from Boots from their 'skin clear' range which I find really helps to stop spots from getting too big/sore and I also rub it in my problem areas to prevent them too :)
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog, it made my day <3 I already follow you on bloglovin and really love your blog too :)
    Love Holly x


    1. They are good products, especially if you have oily to normal skin. I've never tried the Boots one but it sounds good!
      Aw no problem, I honestly meant it! I don't usually say it to many people but I really love your blog and would love mine to be anywhere near the same quality :)
      Thats so sweet of you, and thank you for the follow :) xx