23 October 2015

11 Things I Learnt About Neals Yard Remedies

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the new Neals Yard Remedies Store opening in Grand Central in Birmingham. You can imagine my excitement, as not only was it my first ever blogger event (I feel like I am now officially an established 'blogger'!) but also the fact that it was inside the brand-spanking new shopping centre in my home town.

Whilst I had previously dabbled with some of Neals Yard products in the past, including sneakily using my mothers luxury gift sets she received off my dad, I had never really dived into the brand itself (unless buying that issue of Marie Claire magazine only for the free Wild Rose hand cream counts?) However, after doing some pre-reading about what they are about, I was intrigued to see what they had to offer. 

Not only is the store aesthetically stunning, but as I walked in I was warmly welcomed by some really lovely consultants who kindly offered some drinks, snacks and lots of information about the products. Here's a few of the things I learnt from my time visiting the new store:

neals yard remedies blogger event food and drink

neals yard remedies blogger event food and drink

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare beauty ranges

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare bee lovely collection

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare rose and geranium

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare frankincense

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare frankincense eye intense cream

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare frankincense

1. They maximise the use of organic ingredients (you can find out more about why choose organic on their website here)
2. And theres no hidden nasties in any of their products either
3. Their ethics are brilliant too. From Fair-trade to FRAME and PETA, Neals Yard Remedies is committed to protect animals and the environment whilst supporting local communities in any which way they can. 
4. Whilst they are a luxury brand, many of their products are pretty affordable and there is likely to be something to suit every budget. 
5. The quality of their products and amazing and probably one of the best, if not the best, that I have ever used. The consistencies of a lot of the skincare products are all beautifully thick and well-nourishing - my skin felt amazing after testing out everything I could get my hands on! 
6. They cater to a whole range of skin types, and even ages too. There's something for dry or oily skin, ageing skin and even something for all the new mothers out there. 
7. The products smell incredible! I'm not sure if its the use of the organic products or what, but the scents are all soothing, fresh and subtle too. A big winner for me!
8. They do a range of home fragrances too, which I will attempt to get my hands on ASAP. Perfect for this time of year when the scents of candles and essential oils is a must for that cosy atmosphere. 
9. On top of everything, they also sell superfoods! I never actually knew this, but after tasting some Goji berries and their very own speciality, a Matcha Green Tea drink, it has arose an interest in me thats left me wanting to know more. Superfoods are brilliant for your brain power, energy levels and overall health.
10. Their ethos is based on looking after yourself from the inside and out. The idea behind the logo was even explained to me - nurture the 'roots' of the tree and it will be reflected externally (clever, right?)
11. Their make-up collection is due a relaunch next year which are going to be organic and even better than the current range they have on offer. I cannot wait!

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare healing superfoods

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare #nyrgrandcentral new store

neals yard remedies blogger event organic skincare superfoods healthy lifestyle recipes

Simply visiting the store and learning more about the products has really opened my eyes to the benefits of going organic which has made me more wary of certain ingredients in beauty products. I also intend to start implementing superfoods in my diet to improve my health (and hopefully give me the much needed brain power to get me through university!). Not only are they a delicious ingredient you can add to your food for a whole lot of added nutrients, but they are also a great way stimulate the rest of your healthy lifestyle. 

The new Birmingham store in Grand Central is simply beautiful and I would definitely recommend visiting there, even if it is just to browse the products or have a chat with one of their consultants. 

Have you ever tried any of Neals Yard Remedies products? Feel free to leave suggestions below :)


  1. Wow this look amazing and I have been incorporating more and more organics into my routine. I have never heard of this brand so thanks for sharing :)

    xoxo Emily

    1. No problem, organic products are so lovely to use :)

  2. I loved reading this post, it was so interesting :) I really need to check this brand out!
    You have a great blog, I'm a new follower x