20 October 2015

Jolen Creme Bleach | Review

Jolen Creme Bleach Review

Jolen Creme Bleach | Review hair bleach

Jolen Creme Bleach | Review hair bleach

Jolen Creme Bleach | Review hair removal

Unwanted hair is not something thats talked about often but its something everyone has to deal with. Some people are happy with leaving it and there is absolutely no shame in doing so. I personally tend to feel a little self-conscious at times so like to minimise the appearance of unwanted hair as much as I can, as you have probably seen from my previous post where I was talking about my experience with epilating. Bleaching however was something that I never ventured into, even though my mother and my cousin both do it, using this very product actually. The Jolene Creme Bleach* is a quick and easy way to bleach the hairs on your face and body, without any pain or additional equipment. 

Product description
Jolen Crème Bleach is a cream and powder which when mixed together lightens dark excess facial and body hair in just 10 minutes. Even the smallest, most sensitive areas of the face and body can be treated. Hair is lightened to a less noticeable shade, blending with natural skin tones – skin colour is not affected, making Jolen kind yet effective.

Box Includes:
- Jolen Creme Bleach: Creme
- Accelerator (Powder)
- Spatula
- Tray

How to Use (Description from Jolenbeauty.com)
"Wash area to be bleached with soap and cold water and pat dry. With the spatula, measure about one quarter teaspoon Accelerator powder and place in cup. Clean spatula. Measure about one half teaspoon Creme Bleach into the cup and blend well with the powder. (For larger areas, mix about one part powder to two parts creme.) Apply mixture with spatula to the area to be bleached, covering hair completely. Wait 10 minutes and remove with spatula. If hair is not completely bleached, reapply the mixture for another 5 to 10 minutes. Wash area with cold water."

Although the idea of bleaching my hair seems like a daunting task, it was actually quite a pleasant experience! The actual creme was simple enough to make, given you follow the instructions properly, and easy to apply. I tested it first on my arm just so I knew what I was getting myself into, and then on my face, using the spatula that comes inside the box to do so. 

The scent of the product was't too bad either, and although you could still smell the bleach, it wasn't as revolting as you would expect! After leaving the mixture on for just about 10 minutes, I removed the product and instantly I could tell a difference in my face. My complexion looked much brighter, and although my hairs had only turned a light brown (I don't think I left it on long enough because I was a little wary of doing so!), it made a huge difference. I applied it on again for another 5 minutes and this time the hairs came out blonde, although I could actually hardly see them. 

I was really pleased with the whole process of bleaching my hair, and now that I've had the experience of doing so I will most likely be bleaching any unwanted hairs a lot more frequently! I was pleased with the result, and it did what it said on the tin (or the box I should say). My skin is quite sensitive so the fact that I didn't get any irritation or reaction whatsoever must mean that it is a good quality product without anything too harsh in it that would damage the skin. However, if you are still wary about getting a horrible reaction from using it, there is a mild formula version of the product that has added aloe vera in especially for sensitive skin. (*Note Always make sure you do a test patch first) 

You can buy the Jolen Creme Bleach here from Boots for £4.29 (30ml)