28 November 2015

Vintage Colours | Raiding My Mums Nail Polish Collection

old vintage nail polishes from loreal, maybelline, revlon, avon

old vintage nail polishes from loreal, maybelline, revlon, avon

old vintage nail polishes from loreal, maybelline, revlon, avon, high shine and metallic colours

As I was raiding my own nail polish collection, I was intrigued to see what treasures my mum had stored away of her own. Its so weird to see how the tones vary to whats 'in fashion' right now.

From the various high-shine metallics to the dark burgundy colours, I would never be seen dead wearing these nowadays despite being quite pretty looking! Even the shape and size of the bottles are  quite chunky looking in comparison to the small, sleek design of current popular brands like Rimmel or Barry M Nail polishes.

With matte whites, pastels and nude colours being all over the high-street stores and fashion catwalks, the lack of proper colour can be quite boring. I guess its nice to see some colour in my mums very old collection although I don't think I'll be stealing her nail polishes anytime soon....

24 November 2015

Rose Gold Wish List | Christmas Gift Ideas

Rose Gold Copper Wish List Christmas Gift Ideas Apple iPhone, charlotte tilbury, urban outfitters, ted baker, house of Fraser, paperchase jewellery home decor

Rose gold seems to be all the rage right now. And for good reason too - it is chic, stylish and most of all classy. Needless to say, I am obsessed! A lot of stores have come to accommodate the new trend, bringing in some brilliant buys that I just need in my life right now. From beauty to accessories and homeware, if you are a fan of rose gold there is something for everyone. I bring this wishlist at the perfect time, so you can add a few things to your own Christmas wishlist or note down the things that would make a nice gift for someone else. Do let me know if you end up buying something either from this list or a rose gold item I haven't mentioned, because I'd just love to know.

1. iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64gb £619 from Apple 
Ever since this was released, I have been wanting it so bad! Technically its pink but for some reason Apple have called the colour 'Rose Gold' so I thought it would be fitting for this wishlist because I really do want it. Slowly but surely I am saving up to finally make the purchase hopefully within the next few months and I cannot wait.

2. Beautiful Things Wall Art £50 from Urban Outfitters
A bit on the pricey side for a frame, but I just thought it was so classy and beautiful. I love having quotes in frames, its just a great way to remind you to stay positive.

3. Ted Baker Sela Crystal Chain Pendant £35 from House of Fraser 
This would make a perfect gift, whether its for your best friend or your mum. Its so pretty and the charm in the middle adds just the right amount of glamour to a classy necklace.

4. Copper Skull Money Bank £15 from Urban Outfitters
In true Urban outfitters style, this copper money box is sure to motivate you to save them pennies. Hopefully it does anyway.

5. Mystic Rose iPhone 6 Case £12 from Paperchase
Perfect for the new iPhone I am sure to get soon, I love the idea of having a copper/rose gold case for it. I just love the edgy skull design, and its such a bargain too!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Rose Gold Watch £239 from Harrods
I have forever been wanting a designer rose gold watch! It might be quite expensive but I think it is definitely worth the money. Maybe one day I'll get one....

7. Copper Coffee Table £60 from Urban Outfitters
I just love this little table, its so classy with a really unique shape to it. It'll look great used as a bedside table or just as decoration in the living room where you can keep a few bits and bobs on top of.

8. Moscow Mule Mug £20 from Urban Outfitters
How awesome is this mug though. I have not seen a rose gold mug before so when I found this i was ecstatic to see I can drink my tea out of something this cool.

9. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Glastonbury £23 from Selfridges
Charlotte Tilbury makeup is everywhere right now, with her lipstick range getting particular praise from everyone on the internet. A particular favourite with Zoella, it seems nothing beats this 'Glastonbury' shade for autumn time. It is just perfect in every way.

21 November 2015

InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review from Amazon

Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review from Amazon detoxifying

InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review from Amazon beauty nourishing

InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review from Amazon swatches

I'm not sure about you guys, but I am always up for a good ol' face-mask as a refreshing treat to take away the wear and tear from a long day. Like a lot of other people, I love using the mud-packs often on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots but recently I have felt that my skin is in need of so much more during these harsh winter months. 

When I received this InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask* though the post, I was taken aback by the huge size. It comes in a 19oz (539grams) so you really do get more bang for your buck. It made me instantly warm to the product as I love things that you don't have to use sparingly in fear of it finishing as soon as it begins to work! It also comes in a lovely sturdy tub that gives you peace of mind that its not going to fall apart any time soon, making it perfect to place alongside your tubs of body butters and creams you having laying about. 

When I went to open the product, I was glad to not be overcome with a strong scent, which I was actually expecting. Instead, it doesn't really smell of anything (those with a strong sense of smell may discover a hint of smell but not to worry because its not at all bad!). 

I was on the safe side when using this because I actually read the instructions before hand to find out more about the product as I hadn't actually done much research before receiving it. I discovered that it can be used for all over the body, not just the face as I originally presumed, which makes it a really great multi-tasking product as theres not much out there concerning mud-masks for your body. I also found that it is recommended to be used maximum once a week, so its not one to turn to regularly when your skin needs a little refreshing. 

Here's a little description from InstaNatural's Amazon page for more information:

  • 100 Percent Natural / Best Value - Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is made from PURE Dead Sea mud to ensure the highest-quality product. Our formula is all-natural and arrives in a huge 19 oz. jar to deliver premium value.
  • Apply on the Body - Our mask also includes a nourishing blend of Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula Oil, and Hickory Bark Extract that provides unsurpassed moisture to soothe dry and irritated skin. Men, women and teens with skin issues can seek help by using this natural remedy.
  • Great for Acne and Blemishes – This detoxifier and purifier comes from the renowned and sacred Dead Sea, which is known to contain many minerals beneficial to the skin, such as magnesium, sodium and bromine. These elements work to extract excess oil & dirt from the skin and purge blemishes.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee – InstaNatural is proud to back their products with a 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, no matter where you buy our products. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact us for a refund – no questions asked.
  • Age-Defying Benefits – Using this facial mask once a week also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Applying the mask will improve your skin so you can achieve a more even skin tone and smoother complexion.

As you can see, there are so many benefits from the product and I couldn't wait to use it to see what sort of miracle it would do for my skin. I applied a little on my arm (for testing, as seen in the picture above) and then I applied a thin layer onto my face using my fingers. It was so easy to apply, although it was a bit weird at first scooping the product out straight from the huge tub using only my fingers, especially with its jelly-like texture which I expected to be more mud-like. However, since it said to apply only a light layer, I found that in doing so it was really easy to spread evenly over my skin in a light layer. 

During the 10-15 minutes I left it on for, as instructed, I found the product to be stiffening on my face which I found a little alarming at first. It was all good though as after seeking advice from my mum, who said thats what happens with some face-masks, I just sat back and waited for the time to be up. I found the taking off of the face-mask (which I did using water and massaging in circular motions) to be quite relaxing, probably because I could finally make facial expressions that didn't make me look like a zombie! 

The result was amazing. My skin instantly felt clean and detoxified, making me look more fresh as soon as I took off the mask. However, as my skin is quite dry anyway, it did make it feel tight and slightly uncomfortable until I slathered on moisturiser to replenish the skin a little. But even afterwards, I found that my complexion look brighter and I felt like I had fresher looking skin.

If you're looking for a face mask that is going to pamper you and nourish your skin, then I would probably wouldn't use this one. But every not and again, your skin needs a deep clean and I think that this is the perfect thing to do the job. It feels like it gives a thorough clean to the skin, probably helped by the 100% natural ingredients, and can bring your skin back to life. Whats great is that you can use it for anywhere on your body! Because it is quite powerful, I would be careful with just how often you use this and also do make sure that you moisturise straight after to nourish your skin and close your pores to avoid any irritation. I hope to be using this a lot more often and will keep you updated if I continue to enjoy this product as much as I do now. 

At £21.95 from Amazon, it is quite pricey compared to other masks in the drugstore but you definitely get value for your money with the large tub and the little amount you need to use for every application. I would certainly recommend this product, especially if you suffer from problematic skin that you feel like needs a good cleansing. Do remember that it is a 'detoxifier' so you have to use it with care, looking after your skin before and after application. You can find out more here

17 November 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette | Review

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow Palette Review blending brush

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow Palette Review case

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow Palette Review swatches

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow Palette Review swatchesUrban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow Palette Review swatches

As you have probably seen from my previous blog posts that I recently got the Urban Decay Naked  Smoky Palette. I was over the moon when my friends gave me this, among some other amazing gifts, for my birthday last month. I apologise for the timing of this post, it has been a long time coming but it is finally here as I am going to (finally) review the palette and share all of its amazing-ness with you.  

Starting off with the packaging, the sturdy plastic casing of this Smoky palette is a vast improvement from the previous ones. Not only is the beautiful smoked design breathtaking, it totally fits with the theme of the shadows. Whilst the original Naked palette did have a great packaging but it was clear that the velvet that covering was not a good idea as it just gathered all sorts of dirt and loose make-up product. I am thrilled the latest addition to Urban Decay palettes has improved its packaging, living up to the brilliant quality of the products inside. I think it would actually improve the whole durability of the product as a whole, meaning it'll last you years on end! 

The palette comes with a brush that is also a vast improvement on the previous ones. The thicker fluffy side is great for blending in the crease, although it is a little to big for my small eyes! The other side holds a smaller, pointed brush that is perfect for packing on eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Both are beautifully soft and not at all harsh to use on a delicate area such as the eyes. 

I would divide the 12 colours into 4 different tones:

The first 4 colours are a lovely blend of shimmery neutrals, all of which are great for a base colour. Radar and Armour are beautiful shades for use all over the lid, and are great to start off a smoky eye depending on if your going for a brown or a dark grey look. High and Dirtysweet can also be used for this, but I prefer using both for highlighting the inner corners of the eye to add a bit of brightness to the look. 

The next four are darker mattes which are amazingly pigmented and are combination of blacks, blue and a lovely purple shade. This can deepen the look drastically - I like to do this by applying one of the colours to do the outer corners of the eye and then lining the lash line with the shade Blackmarket for a more sultry eye look. However, the shade Radar  did disappoint me as it was quite chalky and needed a lot of layering of product to get the desired colour out of it. It is a generic brown colour so I'm sure I can find an alternative to use, but it is a shame. 

The last 4 eyeshadows of the palette are again neutrals but this time are matte. Password and Whiskey are ideal crease shades whilst Combust and Thirteen are great highlight colours. 

All the shades in the palette are extremely pigmented and have a lovely texture perfect for blending out to give the perfect eye look. Apart from the one disappointing shade, I was generally really pleased with the quality of this palette and it has officially made me adore Urban Decay. Whether you choose to go full out with a smoky eye or just want t apply one shade all over the lid for an every-day look, there is so much you can do with this one palette. So there you have it! Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette yet? If not, you can buy it here.

14 November 2015

Fall Favourites Tag

fall favourites tag autumn winter seasons

I was recently tagged by the beautiful Tiffany May to take part in the Autmn favourites tag. As my first ever tag you can imagine my excitement, especially since its a topic on a great season is full of all things great. So here we go:


Favourite Candle: I am a Yankee Candle girl all the way, but the one that truly reminds me of Autumn is the original Cinnamon scented one.

Favourite Lip Colour: You just can't go wrong with a berry lip for the autumn and winter months! My favourite this year has to be the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in 107.

Favourite Drink: A hot Chai Latte from Costa is the best, especially on those cold and dismal winter days. 

Favourite Blush: I am currently on the lookout for a new Autumn blush to wear but for now I've been wearing my trust Sleek Blush in Rose Gold that is still one of my favourites. 

Favourite Clothing Item: This is the time of year to whack out all the warm coats and fluffy scarfs. However, I have been loving wearing my leather jacket, it just goes with everything and keeps me so warm. 

Favourite Fall Movie: Home Alone or Elf! I guess they're both Christmas movies but I don't really have a special 'fall' one. 

Favourite Fall TV Show: I'm not quite sure what is meant by 'Fall' TV Show, but I have been obsessed with Season 2 of Empire since it started airing here in the UK. You also can't go wrong with American Horror Story, Prison Break or Pretty Little Liars.

Favourite Thanksgiving Food: Since we don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK I thought I would 
change this to favourite Christmas Food and that would have to be traditional roast potatoes and vegetables!

Favourite Halloween Costume: I don't really do costumes if I'm honest but I did used to love to attempt to dress up as a Witch whenever I could on Halloween. Its a safe yet stylish option.

I Tag:
UmmBabySSB (ummbaby.blogspot.co.uk)
Shannon (http://www.shanylou.co.uk)
Kat (http://kathorrocks.com) 
So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers, feel free to comment below about your own favourites during the 'Fall' or Autumn/ Winter time. 

12 November 2015

6 Things I Learnt From Watching Prison Break

Things I learn from watching Prison Break, wentworth miller michael scofield lincoln burrows

With the announcement of a new series of Prison Break, I thought I'd commemorate the show by writing a blog post dedicated to some pretty important life lessons (to be honest, I just wanted to share my love for the show with you guys) I can honestly say that it is probably my favourite TV show - ever. It provides such a rollercoaster of emotions that are sometimes too intense for me to even handle. Nevertheless, I absolutely love it. The storylines are so cleverly written and you can tell that a lot of effort goes into the details. Te characters are very loveable, despite being criminals.I only wish that Michael Scofield was a real person because I would marry him in an instant... Anyway moving on, here are some things that I learnt from Prison Break that are (kind of) applicable to real-life: 

1. You can't trust anybody - You never know who may rat you out or turn their back on you. Its a shame Michael and Lincoln learnt that hard way. 

2. Everything is in the details - From the very first episode, and with that beautiful body tattoo of his, it is clear that Michael is as sharp as anything when it comes to spotting the details. How else would he have managed to break out of a high-security prison?

3. 'Innocent until proven guilty' is not always the case - As demonstrated by the main plotline... 

4. Good (mostly) always triumphs - Michael always seems to outwit his enemies without placing a foot wrong, showing that his kind nature eventually paid off.

5. Criminals are not always evil - Throughout the series, you grow to love the prisoners despite everything they've done. It seems that some of them do have a heart, although the same can't be said for all criminals (*coughs* T-Bag)

6. Science is your friend, as is intelligence - Michael simply proves this in everything he does. I love how clever he is and how he always manages to find a way out of some very difficult situations.

Prison Break has to be one of my favourite series ever and I just can't wait to see it back on my screen. Michael Scofield is life. How about you guys, have you ever seen the show?

09 November 2015

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub | Review

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub exfoliating Skincare reviewSoap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub Skincare - Orangeasm body wash and whipped clean shower cream

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub | Review

I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory products and my latest purchase comes in the form of body product. The Sugar Crush body scrub is said to contain 'smashed brown sugar and sweet lime, almond oil and Macadamia grains.' Sounds amazing right?

And it is. It comes in a large tub that is sure to last quite long even with regular use. The cute packaging matches the other 'Sugar Crush' items in the range such as the Body Wash, Body Buttercream and the Body Spray, all of which would make a lovely gift set. 

Although it may not look like the most appealing product once opened, it does smell divine. If you like your citrusy scents then you're in luck. It is quite a strong smell that I personally love in the morning as it really wakes me up and leaves me feeling refreshed.

The scrub itself contains some great ingredients to create a texture perfect for exfoliating, even 2-3 times a week if you wish. Its not too harsh either, but you can feel it thoroughly exfoliating the body  which is really what you want in a body scrub. The oil ingredient thoroughly nourishes the skin afterwards, leaving my skin feel instantly soft. 

I would recommend this product for somebody of any age. It is a great quick and easy product to use that requires nothing else. It exfoliates, cleans and moisturises your skin all in one. You can buy it from Boots here for £8.00.

06 November 2015

Style inspirations of the Year | Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner

fashion style inspirations kendall jenner kardashion

style inspirations taylor swift beautiful

There is nothing I love more than mooning over the dresses of celebrities. The two that have been on my radar for the past year are Taylor Swift, both of whom are known for their slender physiques and mile-long legs. I also love the people who they are, despite their celebrity status. Although I'm not exactly a fan of the Kardashians or anything they do, but if there is one person of that family that I can handle, it is Kendall. The more reserved member (although albeit, she's not exactly the shy young girl she once was), Kendall is both funny and beautiful. Not only can she pull of anything she wears, as the face of big name companies such as Estee Lauder and Balmain, her fashion sense has been taken to another level. Whether its rocking a simple white tee and ripped jeans or flaunting that beautiful body of hers in a figure-hugging dress, she always seems to be the centre of attention at any event she makes an appearance at.

The same could be said about Taylor Swift too, who always seem to pull off some stunning outfits at any event. Whether its walking out of her New York apartment or strutting her stuff down the red carpet, there is not other  word to describe her other than beautiful. Of course, there is so much more to her than her looks. She is always doing amazing things for her fans with massive gestures that include both thought and effort being put into. Her work for charity also seems to amaze me, and yet she never lets her personal troubles get in the way of work. There is so much more to say about why I think she is amazing, but this post is to just share with you the people whose style I have been in awe of recently!

So these are my favourites of the year so far, whose style have you guys been admiring recently? Feel free to share in the comments below!

You can also check out my previous style inspirations here.

04 November 2015

Soap & Glory Mini Haul | 3 New Products Added To My Collection

Soap & Glory Mini Haul Whipped Clean Shower Butter, Orangeasm Body Wash and the Sugar Crush Body Scrub.

With 3 for 2 offers that are usually on at Boots, Soap and Glory always seem to lure me in to buying their products! I absolutely adore there skincare stuff and is really different to anything else out there on the market. Here's what I bought:

Whipped Clean Shower Butter: This literally feels like your lathering whipped cream over your body! Its butter-like consistency and nutty yet sweet scent makes my skin feel so soft after my shower, allowing me to leave the shower smelling heavenly. 

Orangeasm Body Wash: If you love citrus-y smells, this would be perfect for you. It is a great morning body wash that lathers really nicely, and is sure to wake you up on those tired mornings with the strong orange-y scent. 

Sugar Crush Body Scrub: This has a prominent lime smell that is so refreshing! The sugar in the scrub is perfect for exfoliating without being too harsh on your skin, while the sweet lime and almond oil nourishes your skin.

So there you have it. S&G never fail to impress me, as you can probably tell by the frequent appearance they have on my blog! I can't wait to get my hands on some of the Christmas gift sets, they look amazing and such great value too. Have you tried any of their products recently? Any recommendation for those of us who wish to try even more of what they have to offer?