12 November 2015

6 Things I Learnt From Watching Prison Break

Things I learn from watching Prison Break, wentworth miller michael scofield lincoln burrows

With the announcement of a new series of Prison Break, I thought I'd commemorate the show by writing a blog post dedicated to some pretty important life lessons (to be honest, I just wanted to share my love for the show with you guys) I can honestly say that it is probably my favourite TV show - ever. It provides such a rollercoaster of emotions that are sometimes too intense for me to even handle. Nevertheless, I absolutely love it. The storylines are so cleverly written and you can tell that a lot of effort goes into the details. Te characters are very loveable, despite being criminals.I only wish that Michael Scofield was a real person because I would marry him in an instant... Anyway moving on, here are some things that I learnt from Prison Break that are (kind of) applicable to real-life: 

1. You can't trust anybody - You never know who may rat you out or turn their back on you. Its a shame Michael and Lincoln learnt that hard way. 

2. Everything is in the details - From the very first episode, and with that beautiful body tattoo of his, it is clear that Michael is as sharp as anything when it comes to spotting the details. How else would he have managed to break out of a high-security prison?

3. 'Innocent until proven guilty' is not always the case - As demonstrated by the main plotline... 

4. Good (mostly) always triumphs - Michael always seems to outwit his enemies without placing a foot wrong, showing that his kind nature eventually paid off.

5. Criminals are not always evil - Throughout the series, you grow to love the prisoners despite everything they've done. It seems that some of them do have a heart, although the same can't be said for all criminals (*coughs* T-Bag)

6. Science is your friend, as is intelligence - Michael simply proves this in everything he does. I love how clever he is and how he always manages to find a way out of some very difficult situations.

Prison Break has to be one of my favourite series ever and I just can't wait to see it back on my screen. Michael Scofield is life. How about you guys, have you ever seen the show?


  1. Hm the other day I was wondering if I would like Prison Break... I think I'll watch a couple episodes tonight! hihi



  2. Love Prison Break, defiantly need to watch it again, plus Wentworth Miller if fit, shame he's gay though.


  3. I have never watched Prison Break before

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