23 December 2015

Shine Bright Like A Diamond | Glitter and Metallic Nail Trend

Glitter and Metallic Nail Polish Trend for christmas

 Christmas is a great time to try out new nail trends - the bolder the better in my opinion! In particular, glittery nail colours are perfect for the upcoming party season. Not only do they add a little something to your outfit but you can go all out with the formulas you choose. 

There are some that look simple enough but change colour in the light (a nail trend I am just fascinated with!). I personally love this Rimmel Metal Rush one that I have. Its a gorgeous colour and is great to add a little to your look without being to 'out there' for everyday wear - especially when you want to change up your look in the countdown to Christmas but your still slogging your way through work/school/ uni. Theres a few colour-changing nail polishes out there on the market nowadays, I've heard  few things about the new(ish) Seventeen Colour Switch Polishes and they look really lovely and innovative but I've personally not had any experience with them so can't actually recommend. 

Of course, you can always go for the classic shimmer shades that every brand of nail-polishes probably have in their collections giving you a huge choice of shades defending on your brand preference. These No7 colours are gorgeous and apply really nicely on the nails. I've also has really  good experience with the Barry M ones too, I find they have a huge range of different colours and formulas and at such a good price-point too! I'm not sure if they're new or not, but I've had my eye on these Model Own Diamond Luxe ones for a while now, they look simply beautiful!! 

Then there is the full out glitter nails. I'm not going to lie, I love going completely over the top with my nails whenever I get the opportunity to! Again, you can get amazing glitter polishes in a whole load of different brands but my favourite (drugstore ones anyway) are Rimmel! They always seem to hit it on the nail with whatever collection they release, but I particularly love the Glitter Bomb ones - either to wear on its own or layer on top of any bright colour you wish. These Makeup Revolution ones are very similar to the Max Factor ones, and they're only £1 too! 

I'm sure you'll find a colour to match your party dress this season, let me know below what style and brands are your favourite. I personally love the full on glitter but of course you can't go wrong with a simple shimmery nail polish in the lead up to an event - whether its Christmas or any other special occasion happening soon in your diary.  

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  1. The silver/pearly Max Factor one is lovely!x

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