16 September 2016

Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

Pristine Dead Sea Mud face Mask Review amazon

Pristine Dead Sea Mud face Mask Review amazon

You might have seen from a few of my other posts that I sure do love a good face mask. They just seem to always leave me feeling refreshed and are a great relaxation product to use at the end of a hectic week to pamper the skin a little. I have previously tried a mud mask before and even did a review on it, but I couldn't wait to try a different brand as I was so pleased with the results last time. 

07 September 2016

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub in Mint Temptation

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub in Mint Temptation natural organic skincare

I am a huge fan of body scrubs and have recently seen the appearance of coffee scrubs propping up on various beauty blogs which scream abut the benefits that leaves your skin looking amazing. Not only is a scrub a great exfoliant but the coffee is a natural ingredient that improves the look and feel of your skin. What's not to like?!

01 September 2016

6 Reasons why you need a Tangle Teezer in your life

6 Reasons advice Tangle Teezer hair haircare brush comb Britain

I remember when Tangle Teezers first launched in the UK, they were the big thing that everyone needed to get their hands on. I simply never understood what the big fuss was about, and at the time spending £10.99 seemed a bit ridiculous for a hairbrush. Fast forward to last month, where I finally gave in and splurged on this infamous hairbrush.

26 August 2016

Weleda Skincare Products

Weleda Skincare Products face cream cute pink and green natural organic

Weleda Skincare Products cleanser cleansing lotion cute pink and green natural organic

Weleda is not a brand I've heard much about before but after reading their product information, I was intrigued to try out their products for myself and put them properly to the test on my skin.

First off, the packaging is so pretty. It looks fresh and purifying, which are the main values of the company. The packaging of each product makes it easy to use without risk of spillages or use of excess product. The bright colours are indicative of the natural ingredients and brand values of Weleda, who are a company focussed on furthering the economy and promoting health and well-being across the globe.

19 August 2016

Flying Tiger Store Opening in Birmingham, Selfridges

Flying Tiger Store Opening in Birmingham, Selfridges

The new Tiger Store in Birmingham has arrived! Last week I was invited to the store to have a look around and pick up a few bits in order to celebrate the new opening in Selfridges. The store is located on the first floor (next to Cath Kidston) and is home to all things fun and quirky. Think of it like the Ikea of homeware and stationary!

12 August 2016

Johnny Loves Rosie Blogger Breakfast #JLRGirlGang

Johnny Loves Rosie Blogger Breakfast #JLSGirlGang delicious biscuit

Last week I was invited to blogger breakfast with Johnny Loves Rosie, where not only did i get a delicious breakfast but I was lucky enough to have a look at the lovely products the company offers. We were greeted by this lovely layout of different pieces of jewellery, all of which were beautiful in their own way. I particularly loved the chokers and the cat ears! These are all available online on their website and even supply outlets such as ASOS and River Island so everything is pretty easy to get hold of. I can't wait to do some shopping, especially because its free delivery too (it'd be rude not to take advantage!).

10 August 2016

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer / Lipstick | Review

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer / Lipstick | Review

Makeup Revolution is a brand that has been on my radar for a while and because of the inexpensive price tag, it has had a lot of hype surrounding it. However, this did make me doubt the quality of their products but I decided to take the plunge, since there was not much to lose really, and I am so glad that I did. 

03 August 2016

Mizon Multi Function Formula All In One Snail Repair Cream | Review

Mizon Multi Function Formula All In One Snail Repair Cream | Review

Mizon Multi Function Formula All In One Snail Repair Cream | Review

Applying Snail Cream to your face sounds crazy, right? Well, I thought so too until I read the benefits of what it can really do for your skin.

I won't bore you with all the jargon surrounding the specifics of what is behind the miracles of snail cream, so I direct you to this website which I found useful in understanding the science behind the product: http://skinandtonics.com/mizon-all-in-one-snail-repair-cream-review/

Instead, I thought I would just provide you with my thoughts and experience using the product. It looks like nothing irregular and so I didn't really find it weird to use as part of my skincare routine. The actual applying of the product was indeed very weird at first as it has a slimy, gloopy texture to it. I applied it to a freshly cleansed face and whilst it did absorb very nicely into the skin, I found that it didn't particularly moisturise it so I began to use it on top of my daily moisturiser.

After using it for a around 6 weeks on a regular basis, I did notice my skin was looking a little brighter and more plump. There was nothing drastic, but I guess that is because I don't really have wrinkles or extreme hyper-pigmentation in my skin. I have read many reviews saying this is great for allergy-prone skin or scars. It is also said to be great at fading fine-lines and reduce acne scars. As it says on the tube, it is a multi-use product and is perfectly suitable for healing any skin problems you may have. 

I love the whole concept of this cream and think it would be perfect for all skin types and a whole range of skin problems. With it being a total of 92% Snail Mucin (wow!), it is definitely worth a try as it means that the product is full of antioxidants, proteins, elastin and glycolic acids. This will keep your skin looking fresh, plump, moisturised, as well as fade scarring and protect the skin from further damage. 

You can buy it over at Cult Beauty here

31 July 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick in Stockholm | Review

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick in Stockholm | Review

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick in Stockholm | Review

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick in Stockholm | Review

With NYX cosmetics newly arriving to Boots, it was only right that I picked up a few bits. The most famous of their products has to be their soft matte lip creams, and as I soon found out, for good reason too. 

First of all the packaging. The product comes in this lovely little clear bottle that makes colour identification so much easier. The actual overall appearance is simple and cute, no complaints here! The applicator is really good too, as it is a doe-foot shape that fits the lips perfectly and applies product out evenly. 

The product itself is lovely. The pigmentation is wonderful, you only need one layer for a lovely opaque finish. I'd estimate that it takes around a minute to fully dry, which for a liquid lipstick that lasts all day is pretty great. Once on the lips and dry however, you literally can't feel it at all. Seriously. It feels like theres nothing on your lips so its great for those of you who despise the tacky feeling of some the lipsticks that are available.

I bought the shade Stockholm which is a gorgeous nude shade, that is more brown with pinky tones. I'd say it was a mix of Abu Dhabi (a more soft brown nude) and Cannes (a pinky shade) which I think really compliments my skin tone well. The great thing about these are that there are so many shades to choose from, I really need to get my hands on some more soon!

The lasting power is great too. It'll last around 4 hours on my lips, even when eating and drinking, and even when it does disappear, it fades evenly. This makes it great if you don't have time to reapply throughout the day. 

Overall, this is one heck of a great product. For only £5.50, it is defiantly worth checking out if you're looking for a new lipstick that actually lasts ages on the lips and are totally comfortable to wear. They are available at Boots here

27 July 2016

Penguin Job Hack Event | #PRHJobHack

Penguin Job Hack Event | #PRHJobHack birmingham event

Last week Penguin Random House hosted their first ever Job Hack event. After going through the application process, I was lucky enough to secure myself a place to attend the newly introduced workshop in Birmingham.

Penguin is probably the most familiar publishers among us all, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were hosting a day to give advice to young people who were interested in the publishing sector and wanted to know more about what is involved in it.

As I study English literature at university, people automatically assume I want to be an author or a teacher (the amount of times people presume that is my dream job is unreal). I have always had a love for books and reading, but anything to do with writing or editorial roles just isn't for me. I was a bit lost, but I applied to attend this one-day event just to see what else there is to offer in a publishing environment that doesn't consistent of the two roles previously mentioned.

Penguin Job Hack Event | #PRHJobHack birmingham event pr

Penguin Job Hack Event | #PRHJobHack birmingham event

To my delight, there are many other careers that remain in the publishing sector but also involve other passions of mine. There were members of the Penguin Random House team who attended and gave us talks about their roles at the company and what they do, as well as explaining how they managed to get into the position they are now in. This gave a wonderful insight into what the world of publishing is like first-hand, and what we can do to enter it. Since I have a huge interest in PR and Marketing, I found it particularly interesting to hear what happens on a day-to-day basis as well as the difference between these two roles. There was also a lovely lady from the Digital Projects team who talked to us about her role in the publishing process, making me realise just how technology is incorporated into a world that is usually known for its traditional physical books.

Attending the event has made me realise that I do have a passion for the publishing industry, and that I shouldn't let myself feel boxed in just because I don't want to be an author or editor, or any roles that are commonly associated with the industry. Instead, it has given me the motivation I needed to pursue my passion of entering a company that I would truly enjoy working in (such as Penguin Random House of course!) and to work hard to get the position that I want. There are so many aspects of the publishing sector, like many companies actually, that there is sure to be something for everyone if you are really passionate about what they do.

This is the first of many Job Hack events that Penguin Random House hope to host, so I recommend to keep an eye out on their twitter account (@PRHcareersUK) to see if they are coming to an area near you because I found it helpful in clarifying what the publishing industry is all about.

Are you interested in the publishing industry? Or do your interests lie elsewhere? Leave a comment below.

24 July 2016

Toad Diaries | My New Motivation to Organise My Life

Toad Diaries Motivation to Organise My Life

Now that university has finished, I am already looking ahead at starting my third and final year of my BA English degree. It may seem a bit early, but trust me there is a hell of a lot of reading and dissertation research to do so it is best to get ahead as much as possible. I really want to get the year off to a good start so I can maintain my workload without having that last minute rush where an all-nighter is needed to get assignments handed in time (it has happened before...).

What perfect way to get organised than a brand new diary! There is just something about a planner that makes you motivated to work harder and get organised both in university or school and life in general. The lovely ladies from Toad Diaries also attended the Blogger Tiki Party the other week and had contacted me to see if I would like to have my very own personalised diary. I was so excited as I feel like it is such a great idea to be able to create something that has everything you need to organise deadlines, lists, and whatever else you may need to jot down. What is even better is when a planner is so pretty that you actually want to use it!

Toad Diaries Motivation to Organise My Life pink planner

Toad Diaries Motivation to Organise My Life planner diary

The process in designing the diary was as straightforward as possible. All I did was go on to the Toad Diaries website and started to compile together all I wanted in my planner. It was really enjoyable designing the cover to find exactly what I wanted. There are pre-set designs but there is a great range to choose from. You can then choose what to have written on the cover, as well as the back cover (which was my personal favourite when personalising my planner). I chose this quote ("She believed she could so she did") as a little motivation for me for whenever I happen to need it, but you can also write a little gift message for the recipient of the diary to make for a great gift.

Toad Diaries Motivation to Organise My Life planner

You can also choose to have it A4 or A5 size, but I decided to choose the Quarto option which is between both of these, as I felt it would be perfect for me to keep it at home on my desk as well as small enough to take it in my bag whenever I need it. The diary style I chose was Cornell style which is perfect to see an overview of my week as well as note down any lists or or deadlines. They also give you the ability to choose how long you'd like the dates of your diary to span, as well as the month you'd like it to start which is great to make the most out of your purchase. There is also a selection of Notes pages at the end as well as this little pocket to keep notes in and amazing page of inspirational quotes. 

Toad Diaries Motivation to Organise My Life

Toad Diaries Motivation to Organise My Life

Overall, the whole premise of Toad Diaries is a brilliant one and I would definitely recommend for anyone who needs that little push to get yourself organised for the year ahead. The features and personalisation you can add to the planner is brilliant and its really useful to have somewhere lovely to write down all the things you need to remember, especially because we all seem to be so busy nowadays. 

Head to the Toad Diaries website to browse their products and see the type of personalised touches you can add to make your perfect diary --> http://www.toaddiaries.co.uk

19 July 2016

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham island bar

Last Sunday I attended the Blogger Tiki Party, hosted by the lovely Kirsty. It was held at the Island Bar in Birmingham, which was a venue with such a cool vide inside. Just look at the art on the walls! The decor was great and everything fitted great with the tiki-holiday theme. 

There were a lovely range of brands there, all armed with their amazing products. I really enjoyed talking to them and finding more about who they were and the different products they offered. 

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham toad diaries planners stationary

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham heaven skincare products

I received a lovey personalised planner from Toad Diaries which I can not wait to do a review of! The lovely girls from Heaven Skincare were also there demonstrating the amazing range of products they have for all different skin types. I honestly learnt so much from everybody and what they do. 

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham party

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham pink parcel beauty gifts

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham earlybird snacks

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

We were also gifted a whole range of products, which I am so grateful for. I cannot wait to try out the products in the Pink Parcel, as well as eat al the yummy snacks. By the way, how adorable is this bag design? It was created by the lovely Ellie Morris, and I just absolutely adore it.

This was a great event which I am grateful for attending! I loved attending meeting all the lovely fellow bloggers and chatting to them for hours, as well as talking to the bands about really interesting and innovative products.  I can't wait to attend some more events, it is such a great way to network and make new blogger friends. 

Have you attended any events recently, or would you like to? Leave your comments below, I'd love to chat to some of you and continue this friendship building in the blogger community :)


17 July 2016

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery beautiful necklace

The other week, the lovely team from Diwah contacted me about their jewellery range and asked me if I would like to design my own necklace and have it created handmade. Of course, I jumped at the chance for my own personalised jewellery and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of receiving this beautiful piece. 

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery beads necklace gorgeous custom

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery fashion

Browsing the website, there were so many beautiful necklaces that were perfect for every personality: from bold, boho, glam and many more, there is a style suitable for everybody's taste. What gets even better is that you can design your own necklace using their special tool, which is brilliant if you can't find what your looking for on the highstreet. I particular love this feature because sometimes it can be quite difficult finding the perfect statement necklace in the correct colours to match with the Asian dresses that I like to wear on Eid and weddings, so its nice to see that there is an option for me to create exactly what I want for myself. 

The other option is to get the Diwah team to design one for you. This is the process that I decided to take and it was so quick and simple. All I needed to do was fill out a short questionnaire, and then the team would go and design a necklace for me based on my answers. They then email you two designs to choose from with the prices quoted alongside them. The people are so lovely and the service is fantastic. If theres anything that you'll like to change on the necklace, they will be more than happy to do this for you so that you get exactly what you wanted.

The excitement when my necklace came through the post was unreal. I opened the box to this beautiful piece of jewellery. It is quite weighty which gives it that good quality feel to it. The craft of the pieces also add to the quality, as do the beautiful colouring of the metal chains and the beads. The design, for me, is classy yet also very chic. I just think it is utterly beautiful.

My experience with Diwah was a lovely one and I just love the idea of having the freedom to design your own necklace suitable for individual personalities and tastes. This would also make a great gift for anyone who is creative and into their statement pieces. 

You can find out more at: www.diwah.comhttps://www.diwah.com


09 July 2016

Visting Benito Brow Bar

benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience

Last week I visited Benito Brow Bar in Debenhams, Birmingham to finally tame my unruly brows and learn more about the threading technique. The experience was great and I just loved the service the ladies there gave. Not only did I have the opportunity to get my brows done, but the technicians there also did a short demonstration and gave us some great tips on how to get the perfect brow shape. They also explained the benefits of threading, which included giving a more precise eyebrow shape, prolonged hair growth and a clean finish to your brows in a less painful way than you may think. They also sell High Definition beauty products which is great if you're looking from some new makeup products, and they can even advise you which shade is suitable for the colour of your eyebrow hair.
benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience

benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience

benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience high definition makeup products

I finally got my eyebrows done by a lovely lady there, which was much needed as they certainly needed some cleaning up. They always use 100% organic thread which was for sure kinder to my skin as it didn't hurt as much as my previous experiences in threading before. After applying soothing aloe vera gel to my brows afterwards, the eyebrow technician then demonstrated to me the correct way to fill them in. Using a waxy textured eye pencil, she started from the end working towards the beginning of my brows, using a lighter hand as she did moved forward. She then brushed them out using a clean mascara wand and ta-dah. My brows looked amazing! They looked full but in a natural way, a look which I loved. 

I am so glad I visited the brow bar, my experience was lovely. They shared some useful knowledge about threading and gave wonderful advice on how to tend to my eyebrows myself. They also do eyebrow tinting which I would also like to try out sometime soon.I would defineley recommend visiting the Benito Brow Bar located in Debenhams in Birmingham, or there is also one in Solihull's Touchwood that I have passed a few times. You can visit their website for more information: http://benitobrowbar.com 

29 June 2016

Different Uses For Coconut Oil | Skincare and Haircare

Vita Coco Extra Virgin Coconut oil beauty health and skincare uses

Vita Coco extra virgin Coconut oil beauty health and skincare uses

Coconut oil has been all the rage recently, with bloggers and vloggers alike singing its praises. There are just so many uses for it, all of which are organic too providing you use virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. From eating, health, beauty and skincare uses, I think everybody needs a tub of this in their cupboards. Below I have made a list of great uses for this amazing oil, feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comment section below. 

Cooking: Instead of regular oil, use coconut oil instead to cook with. Use it to quickly fry and cook a variety of foods in a shallow frying pan for a healthier meal. 

Shaving: Not have any shaving cream? Just lather this coconut oil on your legs for a smooth finish, moisturising your skin as you shave!

Dental Care: When I first heard of oil pulling I was completely confused as to what it was. Now after some research I have understood what all the fuss is about. Simply pop a teaspoon of oil into your mouth for 15-20 minutes, which I like to do as I shower, and then spit out. Continue with your usual brushing routine as usual. This has so many amazing benefits including whitening our teeth and stabilising loose teeth, both of which really appealed to me because of my guilty sweet-tooth!

Make-up Remover & Cleanser: Remove stubborn make-up by putting a bit of oil on a cotton pad and wipe over your face to remove your make-up and moisturise your skin whilst cleansing it at the same time. 

Overnight Serum: Recently before bed every night I like to use coconut oil on my face instead of a night cream. It moisturises your skin and even pigmentation for a brighter complexion in the morning. However, some people have reacted badly by doing this so please do a patch test before applying it all over!

Eye Cream: Apply under eyes just before bed to fade dark circles and moisturise the sensitive area. 

Face Scrub: Mix oil with sugar and a little lemon for a brightening face exfoliator to use once a week for clearer skin. 

Body Scrub: Exfoliate your body by mixing adding sea salt to the oil, as well as any of your favourite scented lotion if you wish. Not only will this get rid of dead sin cells but it will also moisturise your skin for longer than a regular body lotion. 

Body Oil: After a hot shower, simply moisturise some oil onto your body for softer skin.

Hair Mask: After washing your hair, apply this from the nape of your neck downwards and wash out after 10-20 minutes depending on your personal preference. You can use this on its own (after shampooing) or after using your regular conditioner for a deeper treatment.

Leave-in Conditioner: Alternatively, just apply this to the tips of your hair for healthier looking locks. 

Lip Scrub: Add salt or sugar into some oil, and apply onto lips in a circular motion. For better exfoliation, use a soft towel to really get rid of the dead skin on your lips. Do use a lip balm on top though as your lips may get a little puffy.

Hand and Nail moisturiser: Simply rub a little bit of coconut oil in between your fingers and moisturise gently into your cuticles for healthier and stronger nails. Rub the rest of the oil all over your hands and put on some cotton gloves as you sleep for thorough overnight moisture 

Overnight Moisturiser: For beautifully soft skin, add to your hands and feet at night time, then put on some cotton gloves and cotton socks. Come morning time, you'll instantly be manicure and pedicure ready.

So there you have it! That is quite a list, but if you have anything to add, feel free to share. I hope this inspired you into purchasing coconut oil and using it for things you never even thought of!

26 June 2016

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation | Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation | Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation swatches and Review

Whenever someone asks me to recommend a foundation for them, the first one that comes to mind is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. This was the first ever foundation I started using after seeing Essie Button constantly using this, and to this day it is still my go-to base for everyday wear. It also apparently contains vitamins that tackle fatigued skin, but honestly I'm not sure 100% sure this claim is true! I understand that the lightweight formula doesn't block pores as much as a heavy-duty foundation would, but I don't think it can fade dark circles or anything like that. It can make them a look a ton better though, which is what we want from a foundation anyway! 

Product Description (what they say)
Give your skin a boost of radiance with a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result!
Its fresh and instant blending gel texture blends and glides onto the skin for an even, natural finish with no mask effect. Imperfections are erased, signs of fatigue are smoothed and the skin’s radiance is boosted for up to 16 hours.
Made from vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula with litchi, goji berries and pomegranates.

It is available in 6 shades, yet I have heard from many people that they don't cater to their paler skin. Being of an Asian origin, I didn't have a problem finding the right shade but I can understand why for some it would feel limited. 
Packaged in a lovely, sleek glass bottle, the foundation itself didn't disappoint. The formula is gel-like that blends into the skin to give off a lovely dewy finish. If you guys know me at all, you probably know that I adore a dewy and glowing skin. It offers medium coverage but I found that you can easily build it up and it won't end up looking cakey at all. Whats more, I adore the pleasant fruity scent which makes a lovely change from other foundations. 
If you have dry or dehydrated skin like me, this is perfect! I used to fear wearing foundation because whichever one I used, it would crumble on my face as I applied it especially because I didn't wear loads. But with this, I can just dab a small pump of product under my eyes, around my nose with particular focus on the centre of my face where the light hits for a healthier glowing look. 
For the summer, I love wearing just this foundation alone, but for a higher coverage and a more toned down, semi-matte finish I simply powder my face to set it all in place to last the entire day which it sure will do. 
Thats all for now then folks! Have you tried the Healthy Mix Serum or do you prefer another foundation which you deem worthy enough to be your holy grail drugstore product? Feel free to comment below. 

19 June 2016

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask | Review

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask | Review for dull and uneven skin

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask | Review for dull and uneven skin

After searching the shops for a good, budget-friendly face mask, I came across this one from Quick Fix Facials at my local Boots store and it appealed to me straight away. 
There were loads of varieties available, including: 
Calming Clay Mask
Exfoliating Scrub Mask
Charcoal Mask
Mega Moisture Gel Mask
Anti-Blemsih Mud Mask
And the one that I opted for: Brightening Peel Mask

They come in quirky bright colours and you are likely to find one which best suits your needs. I felt  my skin needed a nice pick-me-up, something that made me look and feel refreshed for the long hot summer days. It felt so dull and I think the winter weather really took its toll on my complexion. My dark circles and uneven skin colour seemed even more prominent. So I decided to give this mask a shot.

Its not the easiest mask to apply and the product was actually a thicker gel-like consistency than I expected which meant you needed quite a bit of product to cover the entire face. However, I figured this can only mean good things as once it was on it dried pretty well after leaving it for around 10 minutes. Then came the fun part: peeling it off. I'm one of those people that finds peeling things quite satisfying (Was it just me or did anybody else used to put PVA glue on their fingers just to peel it off when it was dry?) 

Straight away, I could feel a difference to my skin. My face felt plumper and my skin honestly looked a little brighter and evened out. Even my mum noticed that something about me looked different, which is really saying something! I love doing this on the days I don't feel like wearing any make-up because it gives me the confidence after feeling fresh-faced and having a somewhat brighter complexion. 

I haven't used it in a about a week and my skin has begun to look a little dull again so I guess it needs to be a regular application, like anything, to properly work.

I have to say though, at just £4.99 it was money well spent. I hope the product lasts for a while as it was a little smaller than I expected (100ml) but I can't wait to try out the other masks in the range!

15 June 2016

Soap and Glory Eye Primer | Review

Soap and Glory Eye Primer | Review

Soap and Glory Eye Primer | Review

Soap and Glory Eye Primer | Review

I have been on the hunt for a drugstore eye primer for a while. I stumbled across this Soap and Glory It's About Primer eyeshadow base whilst browsing around my local Boots store. I've not heard anything about it within the blogging community but I thought its worth a try to see how it is. I am already a huge fan of Soap and Glory, including their skincare but I've only jut started to get into their cosmetic range (I've previously review the Thick and Fast Mascara which you can find here). 

It comes in 2 colours: Smokey is a nice light grey colour great for smoky eye looks like the name suggests. I chose the shade Bright Light as it looks like a simple cream colour that I hoped would brighten my eyes while keeping my eyeshadow in place. The packaging itself is pretty cute and simple, fitting in with the look of the whole range. It has a nice doe-foot applicator that makes it easy to apply to the eyelids without making a mess unlike the tubes which can become a bit of a nuisance for some people. 

The product itself is really light and quite creamy, making it easy to apply as it just glides over the eyelids nicely without leaving it sticky or greasy. It leaves quite a nice dry finish, which I found quite surprising but I actually liked it. What I didn't like however, was the lack of opaqueness. It didn't even out the skintone or neutralise the lid which I was expecting from an eye primer to give me a clean base for my eyeshadow. Instead if gave off a little shimmer, which I personally despise especially when going for  matte look. I would usually apply eye primer under the bottom lash waterline too but with the shimmer in this, it just looked odd and make my eye make-up look a little messy.

I feel like it did prolong my eye makeup but not drastically. Soap and Glory usually hit it on the nail with their products but I'm not exactly a massive fan of this one. Its not surprising that its dropped in price, going from £8 to now £4 at Boots. I guess if your looking for something cheap to stick on your lids with not much other expectations, you can really go wrong with a few pound. But for me personally, it lacked all the things I look for in an eye primer: opaqueness, matte finish and lasting power.