27 January 2016

Soap and Glory: Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara | Review

Soap and Glory: Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara | Review beauty makeup

Soap and Glory: Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara | Review beauty cosmetics skincare

Soap and Glory make-up has been around for a while but the one product I see to keep popping up is the Thick and Fast Mascara. I have been using this for a while now so I thought I would share my thoughts on how I feel about the much raved about product.

As you may know by now from my previous haul posts (which you can find here and here) that I am a huge fan of their skincare range and feel that it does wonders for my skin through this rough winter time. Make-up can usually be a hit and miss for some brands but somehow that is not the case with S&G.

The packaging, much like the rest of their products, is sleek and quite cute in its design. I feel like it can look a little childish in comparison to the like of L'Oreal and Rimmel, but its nothing too drastic. The wand itself isn't exactly my favourite as I find it a little too big for my liking, but I found that it doesn't make my mascara clumpy or anything. That probably has something to do the formula as it is really nice and thin, and coats the lashes nice and easily. Whats great about this is that it gives really good volume and length which you can build up really easily without it looking clumpy. As for the price of £10, its not exactly cheap but in comparison to the others on the market, it is worth it especially when bought in conjunction with another Soap and Glory product on offer!

Mascara is a very individual taste and depends on what you like from a mascara and what it does for your own lashes. What may work for someone else may not work for you so bear that in mind! I do feel S&G have done well in creating their own contender for the drugstore mascara market, its just a matter if it is as good as, or better even, as the coveted Maybelline's Lash Sensational or any others that are floating around the blogging world right now.

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  1. I love the Lash Sensational and you've totally tempted me to try this one, it sounds fab! I actually really like the packaging as well, it's quite retro looking!

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