28 February 2016

February Favourites | Lush Bath Bombs, Soap and Glory Cream and The Body Shop Lip Balm

February monthly favourites - Lush, soap and glory winter Hand cream and the body shop  lip balm

Lush bath bomb soap yog nog cocoa bear chocolate christmas limited edition

I can't believe how fast this year is whizzing by. Let alone the fact that it is March already... 
Moving on to this months favourites, most of my go-to products this month have pretty much been about healing my super dried-up skin. Now that the winter-time is finally coming to an end, now is the time to use of my uber moisturising products as nourish my skin as much as possible right now, ready for the summer. 

First off are my Lush bath bombs that I got around Christmas time. This two have to be my favourites; Yog-Nog is my favourite scent of all, combining all of my favourite things including Vanilla and Cinnamon. It turns the bath into a yellow-colour, which isn't the most aesthetically pleasing but boy does it fleeced once you get in. Like with all (or most anyway) Lush bath bombs, you can feel the nourishing of your skin right away which is amazing. Similarly is the Cocoa Butter Bear which smells of chocolatey and vanilla goodness, and is heavenly for the skin.

February monthly favourites - Lush, soap and glory winter Hand cream and the body shop frosted plum lip balm

Hand Cream has been essential for me recently. I have been particularly loving this Soap and Glory Hand Dream which is great to slather on at night-time along with cotton gloves to leave silky soft in the morning. It has the signature S&G scent, which I just adore as its really fresh with hints of fruitiness. 

Body Shop, of course, had to be included in my monthly favourites. I have been using quite a few products of theirs recently but the one I've been reaching for the most is this Frosted Plum Lip Balm. Not only does it smell amazing but it comes in this nice little tin, great for on the go. The product itself is really moisturising, even for my chapped lips, and the bright purple product gives a little sheer tint of colour to the lips.

So those are my February favourites, what have been yours?

21 February 2016

Current Favourite Perfumes | Gucci, Chanel and Herve Leger

Favourite perfume scents: Gucci Envy, Herve Leger Ete, Chanel Allure

Favourite perfume scents: Gucci Envy, Herve Leger Ete, Chanel Allure

I am not usually one to wear perfumes but as of late, I've been trying different scents and find that I really enjoy wearing fragrances that are lovely and fresh smelling. Nearly my entire perfume collection has been given to me by various people on birthdays and other special occasions so I haven't really had the opportunity, nor felt the need, to splurge on a perfume for myself. It seems my friends and family know me well as I love nearly all of the ones that have given to me. I am currently rotating 3 perfumes that I like to wear depending on the occasion, all of which I adore. (please excuse my lack of fragrance terminology, I'm still new, and pretty useless, at describing smells!)

Gucci Envy: This one was given to me by my mum, and I'm pretty sure its an old perfume, but I just love it. It starts of with a soft, musky scent and then gives off hints of floral. The fresh and airy scent is perfect for both daytime or evening wear, and is one that will never get old. The lasting power is also great and stays on the skin for hours on end without fading. It is definitely one of my all-time favourites, especially because it actually reminds me of my mum.

Chanel Allure - True to its classy branding, Chanel's perfume epitomises feminity in a bottle. It opens with a fresh and fruity scent, that then turns a little more towards woody and vanilla tones. I love this more for family gathering and late-night outings as I just seem to always associate it with sophistication.  

Herve Leger Ete -  This one is an absolute summer scent for me: its fresh, citrusy scent leaves gives off a lovely freshness. The undertones are quite woody, adding that sophistication to quite a feminine and fruity perfume. I love wearing his on a daily basis, as it is noticeable but not too overpowering and it has good lasting power. 

10 February 2016

My Winter Essential: The Body Shop Lip Butter | Review

My Winter Essential The Body Shop Lip Butter lemon scent Review

My Winter Essential: The Body Shop lemon Lip Butter | Review

Lately my lips have been in a dire state what with the blistering whether and me frequently coming down with the flu. I usually use my trusty Carmex lip balm which I absolutely adore but I needed something a bit more heavy duty. I recently bought this Body Shop Lip Butter on a whim, not really thinking that it'll do much to my lips but I figured it was worth a try. After applying it just once by lips felt instantly nourished and butter. It is like a think body butter in miniature form meant for your lips. Its not greasy but is quite a slick texture once on your lips. I started applying this regularly at night for an intensive overnight moisture and at other times after i've done a light exfoliation of my chapped lips.

I can honestly day that for me this really worked and I would totally recommend it for anyone with dry lips. I love the scent of this lemon one, its citrusy and fresh which is exactly what I am loving right now. There are many variations you can choose from if this is not your taste, but it is the actual thick and effective formula that I really enjoy. At only £4 (and with frequent promotions on) this is a purchase that is great for everybody. 

Do you have any holy grail lip balms you can recommend that have really worked for you? Let me know in the comments below. 

07 February 2016

Origins Facial Brush | Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare samples Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare samples Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare samples Review

Origins is well known across the beauty world for its skincare products, but one thing I hadn't seen before was this facial brush. It was actually after seeing this on The Sunday Girl's blog that I decided to buy it because it looked so simple but seems like it is something that could really work. 

I love the packaging and how it is lovely and compact, with a pretty frosted handle in a wavy shape that allows you to get a nice grip when using it. It also has a handy clear plastic lid that makes it perfect for travelling or just keep it safe from getting ruined in your drawers. However, it it sometimes quite difficult to put the top back on and it just ends up falling off as I place it back in my drawer which can be a bit of a pain but I guess the whole idea of it is a good one, especially if you know how to secure the lid properly! The main reason I got it was because of the simplicity of it all, as it reduces the need to carry around a muslin cloth which can get ruined pretty easily anyway, and how it is more effective than using a cleanser on its own.

The bristles itself are lovely and soft but are tough enough to actually exfoliate the skin without making it feel tight or irritated, which is especially important for those with sensitive skin like me. I like to use this after I've removed al lot my make-up with a first cleanse, where I then apply another cleanser or a face wash onto my face and gently use the brush in circular motions to get rid of any excess make-up and exfoliate the skin a little too. It doesn't exactly do miracles in terms of exfoliation or even cleansing, but I guess thats all down to the actual products you use. It does however leave your skin feeling clean and gives you a refreshed look by getting the blood circulating around your face which instantly gives the skin a brighter complexion. 

For only £5.00, this is by far the cheapest Origins product I have come across and I genuinely do think it is really good value. It obviously doesn't do the things that something like the Clarisonic would do, but it is a great inexpensive alternative for those who want to add a little something to their skincare routine without breaking the bank. Whats even better is that you get a few free samples of their best-selling skincare favourites whether you buy in-store or online!

03 February 2016

The Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Wishlist

Charlotte Tilbury is becoming an increasingly popular brand all over the noggin world, with her beautiful products making an appearance everywhere I seem to look. Unfortunately the price point isn't as wonderful, but fear not as I have created a Charlotte Tilbury Wishlist that I hope to get my hands of very soon...

Charlotte Tilbury Wishlist Wonderglow Skin Illuminator Lipstick Bitch Perfect Lip Cheat Liner in Pillow Talk Filmstar Bronze and Glow Kohl Luxury Palette in Vintage Vamp Colour of Youth Lip and Cheek Glow

I am all about that fresh-faced, dewy look and this seems like the ultimate item I need to create that look. Great for dry or dull skin, Charlotte Tilbury  really knows how to create her products that enhance natural beauty using simple, light and no-fuss products. 

K.i.s.s.i.n.g Lipstick in Bitch Perfect (what a name!)
This is the most perfect 'your-lips-but-better' shade that is more of a pinky nude that will brighten up the complexion and bring out the flushed colour of the cheeks. 

Lip Cheat Re-Shape and Re-Size Lip Liner in Pillow Talk 
Everyone needs a nude lip liner to create that Kylie Jenner lip look and this one looks like it will be a perfect shade for a lot of people. I have seen great things in the blogging world that suggests this really is worth the money. 

Filmstar Bronze and Glow 
Packaged in the most beautiful way possible, this palette just looks as luxurious as the name. I think it would be a great travelling product which is of great quality too. 

I love wearing nude eyeliner on my lower waterline but its hard to find something waterproof and that lasts al day. Doing this can make your eyes look bigger and brighten your face making you look more awake. 

All of the eyeshadow palettes look amazing, but this one in particular stood out for me. The beautiful mattes and the pigmented glitter shadow really makes this the perfect item to create a bold, sultry evening look. 

When it comes to multi-use products, I am a huge fan. The efficiency of only needing one product for  a lovely effortless look is a wonderful prospect. You can apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy flushed look or use it on the lips for a simple tint.