07 February 2016

Origins Facial Brush | Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare samples Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare samples Review

Origins Facial Brush exfoliator GInZing skincare samples Review

Origins is well known across the beauty world for its skincare products, but one thing I hadn't seen before was this facial brush. It was actually after seeing this on The Sunday Girl's blog that I decided to buy it because it looked so simple but seems like it is something that could really work. 

I love the packaging and how it is lovely and compact, with a pretty frosted handle in a wavy shape that allows you to get a nice grip when using it. It also has a handy clear plastic lid that makes it perfect for travelling or just keep it safe from getting ruined in your drawers. However, it it sometimes quite difficult to put the top back on and it just ends up falling off as I place it back in my drawer which can be a bit of a pain but I guess the whole idea of it is a good one, especially if you know how to secure the lid properly! The main reason I got it was because of the simplicity of it all, as it reduces the need to carry around a muslin cloth which can get ruined pretty easily anyway, and how it is more effective than using a cleanser on its own.

The bristles itself are lovely and soft but are tough enough to actually exfoliate the skin without making it feel tight or irritated, which is especially important for those with sensitive skin like me. I like to use this after I've removed al lot my make-up with a first cleanse, where I then apply another cleanser or a face wash onto my face and gently use the brush in circular motions to get rid of any excess make-up and exfoliate the skin a little too. It doesn't exactly do miracles in terms of exfoliation or even cleansing, but I guess thats all down to the actual products you use. It does however leave your skin feeling clean and gives you a refreshed look by getting the blood circulating around your face which instantly gives the skin a brighter complexion. 

For only £5.00, this is by far the cheapest Origins product I have come across and I genuinely do think it is really good value. It obviously doesn't do the things that something like the Clarisonic would do, but it is a great inexpensive alternative for those who want to add a little something to their skincare routine without breaking the bank. Whats even better is that you get a few free samples of their best-selling skincare favourites whether you buy in-store or online!

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  1. This looks great! Love the fact that it doesn't irritate your skin, very affordable as well :)
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com