27 March 2016

Currently Using: Vaseline Body Oils | Review

vaseline Body Oils Review aloe vera cocoa butter skincare

As someone who regularly suffers from dry skin, I find that having the right moisturiser or body lotion is essential to keep my skin soft and well-nourished especially during the winter time. I have actually made a resolution for the New Year to moisturise my entire body overtime I get out of the shower, something I neglected to do previously *slaps wrist*.

 Vaseline is a great brand that is well-known for its hydrating skincare, one of which being the Vaseline lip balms which remains a staple in my make-up bag. My mum has been using this brand for years so it was only fitting that I finally give it a try and attempt to stick to my goals of looking after my skin to keep it in tip-top condition.

The first one I have been trying out is the Aloe Fresh Moisturising Body Gel. This is a light formula that is great if you have redness of irritated skin. It glides on to the skin and absorbs really quickly so theres no worry about feeling sticky after you put your clothes on. I was surprised at the lack of moisture this provides as I was expecting it to be more of a moisturising gel. However, unlike usual aloe vera gels that can dry the skin out, this doesn't do anything to it really. It is a really soothly product though so I would personally use it on as well as my regular moisturiser for that added softness. It is also great for sunburns and such problems as it just feels so good when applying!

The other one I have been using quite frequently is this Cocoa Butter Body Oil that is a lot more useful for my skin as it provides great moisture! Its not a sticky formula at all and absorbs relatively quickly into the skin. I find that I don't need to apply anything else apart from this to my body, and so that defiantly makes it a good product to quickly slap on for daily use. I also really like the scent of this, surprisingly, as it isn;t too strong but you still get that hint of cocoa. I would recommend this if you're looking for a very inexpensive body oil that is easy to apply and gives off a lovely glowing finish without looking greasy.

Both of these products from Vaseline are pretty great. Like I said before, the Aloe Vera one is good for soothing skin and irritation but isn't great if you're looking for something to nourish your skin. The cocoa one is great however for that added moisture, and it is so inexpensive too.

20 March 2016

Dear Diary | Going to London and the Glamour Beauty Festival

Last week I attended the much anticipated Glamour Beauty Festival. Needless to say, it was a brilliant event. Unfortunately I didn't get to take as many photos as I'd like to have done, but it was such a buzzing environment, it seems I was just too caught up in the excitement to take my camera out! The Saatchi gallery itself was decorated really nicely and I thought it was a great location for the event. 

Inside there was an amazing opportunity to get your hair, make-up and nails done (all for free might I add) as well as being able to talk to brands like Illamasqua, Nars and Benefit who offered free brow tinting. Of course, there was the amazing talks that were held, featuring some amazing people such as Fearne Cotton and her make-up artist sharing some great tips. Later on Niomi Smart and Natasha Corrett talked all things health and fitness, which was really interesting and fun to watch. At the end of the day we went to collect our Goody Bags which were filled with amazing goodies worth over £160! Things inside included a Nars Lip-gloss, GHD hair serum, Lancome Cleanser and much, much more.  All-in-all it was a great event and I really enjoyed myself, I would love to go again next year! 

Going to London and the Glamour Beauty Festival saatchi gallery covent garden food

travel to London and the Glamour Beauty Festival saatchi gallery covent garden food

Afterwards, my friends and I explored London or a while, travelling to Covent Garden and going out to a lovely restaurant for some food. London is a beautiful city and the atmosphere is unbeatable. For me, its not somewhere I can picture living, but it is always to visit there for a day trip with your friends. There is so much to see and do, you defiantly need more than a day to do it all!

love travel food friends Going to London and the Glamour Beauty Festival saatchi gallery covent garden food

Did anyone else manage to get tickets to The Glamour Beauty Festival? Or have any of you guys travelled around London to see the beautiful attractions? Comment below. 

13 March 2016

Favourites | Body Lotions

winter autumn skincare lotions moisturisers favourites haul

avon, ghost, diane, soap and glory, sanctuary spa body lotions

avon, ghost, diane, soap and glory, sanctuary spa body lotions skincare

Body lotions for me are essential for this time of year. Its that season when you don't need the thickness of the body butters but instead you can go for something lighter and with a nice scent that people can actually notice you wearing. There are so many lotions out there on the market, from those in gift sets to large singular tubs, all which have their own unique formulas and scents.

Some of my favourites include Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion which has a lovely fresh fruity scent and comes in a huge bottle that is sure to last you all through the spring and summer seasons. 

Before discovering Soap and Glory, my mum used to swear by Avon's Skin So Soft body lotion to which she recently introduced me too. Its light in texture but applies so lovely, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. You would never realise how inexpensive it is judging by the quality of application, I just love this for everyday. 

Another staple is Sanctuary Spa lotions. This brand never fails when it comes to their skincare products, I honestly love so many of their products. They all have that fresh and comforting 'spa-like' scent that makes it feel like you are using a very luxurious product. Its surprisingly thick and really works in softening the skin, making it effective all year round even during the harsh winter seasons. 
The best thing about Christmas gift sets is that you can get your favourite perfume scents in lotion form. I absolutely love this Ghost Body Lotion, the scent just gets me every time. It actually reminds me of my mum as she often wears the Ghost perfume so it does have a nostalgia element to it for me personally. Its great that there are so many options though, however I must note that the gorgeous scent is more prominent than the effect of the lotion in most cases with these gift sets. 

There are so many variations of lotions and they all have their uses. I feel like the quality of inexpensive drugstore skincare is always improving, and now theres different options depending on what you're looking for.  I'm sure my collection of body lotions and skincare products will continue to build up with some great products! Is there a particular product you like to wear during these warmer seasons? Feel free to comment below.

06 March 2016

High End Beauty Lust List

Recently I have been lusting over a range of high-end products, most of which are way out of my price range. However, that has not stopped me compiling a list of products that are just so beautiful that I need them in my life, pronto. 

First up is the Stila: Stay all day liquid lipstick (£16) that comes in 2 gorgeous, bright shades of pinks and purples. These are just perfect for summer holidays, and can brighten up any make-up look. The best part is the claim that it stays 'all day' which is always great as lip glosses do tend to slip of my lips quite soon after application.

By Terry Ombre Backstar in Velvet Orchid £29 is definitely more of a luxury item, but the quality is undeniable. With a range of colours to choose from, they look great swept over the entire lid on its own, or even better when depth is added into the crease of your eyelids with a matter colour for more of a smokey look. I have been on the hunt for a high-street alternative, but this is a productive that is not easy to ind a dupe for. I will keep you updated if I manage to find anything that compares to the pigmentation of these shadow sticks at a more affordable price.  

Much like the By Terry eyeshadow stick, this Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow £49 is an even more of a luxurious item. The beautiful packaging clearly illustrates this point, as does the price tag.  the 'sculpt' part is a beautiful matte shade that can double up as both a bronzer and a contour shade, whilst the highlight can finish off a make-up look instantly. You can always wear the highlight on its own and try out the new 'strobing' trend that has taken over from the contouring frenzy. 

The colours in the Too Faced Sugar Pop eye shadow palette (£32) are simply perfect for this season. The bright colours are on trend and really make your eyes pop. Either sweep over the top of your lid, or add a little coour on your lower lashline, I think this is a great addition to your travel handbag.The blushers are also beautiful, albeit a little light for my skintone, but perfect for paler gals. 

As Make Up For Ever hitting Debenham stores, I have been lusting over many of their products. One which particularly caught my eye was their Blush in Cool Pink £29. The pay-off looks great, but what I find even better are the shades available, and in such a compact packaging too! I can't wait to head over to stores to pick up a few items. 

03 March 2016

Introducing The Diamond Room with Gemporia.com

Nothings better than jewellery right? After all, a diamond is a girls best friend. While I wouldn't completely agree with that statement, I do love treating myself to some beautiful jewellery to make me look and feel good. And that is where Gemporia* comes in. 
I know that this post is a little different to what I usually write, but when the lovely Gemma from Gemporia emailed me with information on the brands latest offering, I was instantly intrigued.

Launching on 4th March (yes, that is tomorrow!), The Diamond Room will present you with a revolutionised way to shop online for your new best friend. Using new technology, the Virtually In Store Retailing (VIStaiking) to give you, the customer, a bespoke online experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Diamond Room service, with special diamond experts, will be available from 1pm to 1am 7-days a week and offers a fully interactive experience where you can communicate to the in-house team via live video chat. You can view the product in real time with experts demonstrating the jewellary instead of having to rely on cut-out model imagery. Best of all, there are stagg on hand to answer any product queries you have and offer alternatives based on your needs. All of this was developed to enhance the decision-making process (specifically for engagement rings - great for those who are dropping subtle hints to their spouse of what they want!)

How fancy!

So how does it work then?
  •  Guaranteed expertise.
  •  Everyone learns together – whilst you’re asking questions and learning the answers, so does everyone else who is watching the live feed. 
  •  Great prices, no rents or rates to cover. 
  •  Direct from the manufacturer to the consumer in the most efficient, but well-informed route.
  •  Once the customer decides on a piece, they add it to their online basket and we ship the following working day.

When entering The Diamond Room at Gemporia, the online store mirrors the setup a store showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful Diamonds. Over 700 different Diamond designs are available to browse and when the customer has a question they can interact in real time with one of our Diamond experts. The expert will then select the piece from the cabinet (all with a live video feed) and showcase the piece of jewellery to the customer. If the customer wants to compare a half carat diamond engagement ring with another piece of the same design, but different quality grading, the expert selects similar pieces and starts to interactively talk through the differences with the shopper -  a bespoke experience tailored to the customer’s needs. The Diamond Room will be LIVE from 1pm to 1am UK Time.

Welcome to Virtually in store – VIS –taling.

What are the benefits:

I for one will be sure to check out their new launch. Not only are the jewellery pieces genuinely beautiful but I adore the fact that they are entirely bespoke for your individual needs. What more could you want? For more information, vist them here: Gemporia.com

About Gemporia.com
Gemporia.com offers the world’s largest selection of ethically sourced genuine gemstone jewellery, produced in limited runs to ensure sustainability and exclusivity. The unrivalled quality and honest pricing of each piece ensures that every day is luxurious. From exquisitely cut and perfectly set diamonds, to the rarest of gemstones. Gemporia.com’s jewellery is authentic, lasting and meaningful.