03 March 2016

Introducing The Diamond Room with Gemporia.com

Nothings better than jewellery right? After all, a diamond is a girls best friend. While I wouldn't completely agree with that statement, I do love treating myself to some beautiful jewellery to make me look and feel good. And that is where Gemporia* comes in. 
I know that this post is a little different to what I usually write, but when the lovely Gemma from Gemporia emailed me with information on the brands latest offering, I was instantly intrigued.

Launching on 4th March (yes, that is tomorrow!), The Diamond Room will present you with a revolutionised way to shop online for your new best friend. Using new technology, the Virtually In Store Retailing (VIStaiking) to give you, the customer, a bespoke online experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Diamond Room service, with special diamond experts, will be available from 1pm to 1am 7-days a week and offers a fully interactive experience where you can communicate to the in-house team via live video chat. You can view the product in real time with experts demonstrating the jewellary instead of having to rely on cut-out model imagery. Best of all, there are stagg on hand to answer any product queries you have and offer alternatives based on your needs. All of this was developed to enhance the decision-making process (specifically for engagement rings - great for those who are dropping subtle hints to their spouse of what they want!)

How fancy!

So how does it work then?
  •  Guaranteed expertise.
  •  Everyone learns together – whilst you’re asking questions and learning the answers, so does everyone else who is watching the live feed. 
  •  Great prices, no rents or rates to cover. 
  •  Direct from the manufacturer to the consumer in the most efficient, but well-informed route.
  •  Once the customer decides on a piece, they add it to their online basket and we ship the following working day.

When entering The Diamond Room at Gemporia, the online store mirrors the setup a store showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful Diamonds. Over 700 different Diamond designs are available to browse and when the customer has a question they can interact in real time with one of our Diamond experts. The expert will then select the piece from the cabinet (all with a live video feed) and showcase the piece of jewellery to the customer. If the customer wants to compare a half carat diamond engagement ring with another piece of the same design, but different quality grading, the expert selects similar pieces and starts to interactively talk through the differences with the shopper -  a bespoke experience tailored to the customer’s needs. The Diamond Room will be LIVE from 1pm to 1am UK Time.

Welcome to Virtually in store – VIS –taling.

What are the benefits:

I for one will be sure to check out their new launch. Not only are the jewellery pieces genuinely beautiful but I adore the fact that they are entirely bespoke for your individual needs. What more could you want? For more information, vist them here: Gemporia.com

About Gemporia.com
Gemporia.com offers the world’s largest selection of ethically sourced genuine gemstone jewellery, produced in limited runs to ensure sustainability and exclusivity. The unrivalled quality and honest pricing of each piece ensures that every day is luxurious. From exquisitely cut and perfectly set diamonds, to the rarest of gemstones. Gemporia.com’s jewellery is authentic, lasting and meaningful.