29 June 2016

Different Uses For Coconut Oil | Skincare and Haircare

Vita Coco Extra Virgin Coconut oil beauty health and skincare uses

Vita Coco extra virgin Coconut oil beauty health and skincare uses

Coconut oil has been all the rage recently, with bloggers and vloggers alike singing its praises. There are just so many uses for it, all of which are organic too providing you use virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. From eating, health, beauty and skincare uses, I think everybody needs a tub of this in their cupboards. Below I have made a list of great uses for this amazing oil, feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comment section below. 

Cooking: Instead of regular oil, use coconut oil instead to cook with. Use it to quickly fry and cook a variety of foods in a shallow frying pan for a healthier meal. 

Shaving: Not have any shaving cream? Just lather this coconut oil on your legs for a smooth finish, moisturising your skin as you shave!

Dental Care: When I first heard of oil pulling I was completely confused as to what it was. Now after some research I have understood what all the fuss is about. Simply pop a teaspoon of oil into your mouth for 15-20 minutes, which I like to do as I shower, and then spit out. Continue with your usual brushing routine as usual. This has so many amazing benefits including whitening our teeth and stabilising loose teeth, both of which really appealed to me because of my guilty sweet-tooth!

Make-up Remover & Cleanser: Remove stubborn make-up by putting a bit of oil on a cotton pad and wipe over your face to remove your make-up and moisturise your skin whilst cleansing it at the same time. 

Overnight Serum: Recently before bed every night I like to use coconut oil on my face instead of a night cream. It moisturises your skin and even pigmentation for a brighter complexion in the morning. However, some people have reacted badly by doing this so please do a patch test before applying it all over!

Eye Cream: Apply under eyes just before bed to fade dark circles and moisturise the sensitive area. 

Face Scrub: Mix oil with sugar and a little lemon for a brightening face exfoliator to use once a week for clearer skin. 

Body Scrub: Exfoliate your body by mixing adding sea salt to the oil, as well as any of your favourite scented lotion if you wish. Not only will this get rid of dead sin cells but it will also moisturise your skin for longer than a regular body lotion. 

Body Oil: After a hot shower, simply moisturise some oil onto your body for softer skin.

Hair Mask: After washing your hair, apply this from the nape of your neck downwards and wash out after 10-20 minutes depending on your personal preference. You can use this on its own (after shampooing) or after using your regular conditioner for a deeper treatment.

Leave-in Conditioner: Alternatively, just apply this to the tips of your hair for healthier looking locks. 

Lip Scrub: Add salt or sugar into some oil, and apply onto lips in a circular motion. For better exfoliation, use a soft towel to really get rid of the dead skin on your lips. Do use a lip balm on top though as your lips may get a little puffy.

Hand and Nail moisturiser: Simply rub a little bit of coconut oil in between your fingers and moisturise gently into your cuticles for healthier and stronger nails. Rub the rest of the oil all over your hands and put on some cotton gloves as you sleep for thorough overnight moisture 

Overnight Moisturiser: For beautifully soft skin, add to your hands and feet at night time, then put on some cotton gloves and cotton socks. Come morning time, you'll instantly be manicure and pedicure ready.

So there you have it! That is quite a list, but if you have anything to add, feel free to share. I hope this inspired you into purchasing coconut oil and using it for things you never even thought of!


  1. I used coconut oil in my hair before but it made my hair crunchy. Although I think its just my hair being weird since everyone seems to get good results from coconut oil. Even my sister and my mother love it. Maybe my hair is just allergic to coconut oil??
    Chanté|The Enchantéd Blog

    1. Ah thanks for sharing, this does sometimes happen! I usually put very little on but if I want a more intense treatment, I like to mix a tablespoon of Coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey and then apply it to my hair for an hour or so. I then wash the mask out and shampoo as usual. Hope this helps!x

  2. I love coconut oil for my skin I find its not to oily but is just moisturising enough.


    1. Yes, I love too! Its great for various skin types x