19 June 2016

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask | Review

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask | Review for dull and uneven skin

Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask | Review for dull and uneven skin

After searching the shops for a good, budget-friendly face mask, I came across this one from Quick Fix Facials at my local Boots store and it appealed to me straight away. 
There were loads of varieties available, including: 
Calming Clay Mask
Exfoliating Scrub Mask
Charcoal Mask
Mega Moisture Gel Mask
Anti-Blemsih Mud Mask
And the one that I opted for: Brightening Peel Mask

They come in quirky bright colours and you are likely to find one which best suits your needs. I felt  my skin needed a nice pick-me-up, something that made me look and feel refreshed for the long hot summer days. It felt so dull and I think the winter weather really took its toll on my complexion. My dark circles and uneven skin colour seemed even more prominent. So I decided to give this mask a shot.

Its not the easiest mask to apply and the product was actually a thicker gel-like consistency than I expected which meant you needed quite a bit of product to cover the entire face. However, I figured this can only mean good things as once it was on it dried pretty well after leaving it for around 10 minutes. Then came the fun part: peeling it off. I'm one of those people that finds peeling things quite satisfying (Was it just me or did anybody else used to put PVA glue on their fingers just to peel it off when it was dry?) 

Straight away, I could feel a difference to my skin. My face felt plumper and my skin honestly looked a little brighter and evened out. Even my mum noticed that something about me looked different, which is really saying something! I love doing this on the days I don't feel like wearing any make-up because it gives me the confidence after feeling fresh-faced and having a somewhat brighter complexion. 

I haven't used it in a about a week and my skin has begun to look a little dull again so I guess it needs to be a regular application, like anything, to properly work.

I have to say though, at just £4.99 it was money well spent. I hope the product lasts for a while as it was a little smaller than I expected (100ml) but I can't wait to try out the other masks in the range!


  1. I need to go and pick a couple of these up. I feel like my skin needs a boost and for £4.99 I hope this does the trick! :) xo


  2. I've tried Quick Fix masks before and I agree that they are really good, budget friendly, treatments. x

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