19 July 2016

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham island bar

Last Sunday I attended the Blogger Tiki Party, hosted by the lovely Kirsty. It was held at the Island Bar in Birmingham, which was a venue with such a cool vide inside. Just look at the art on the walls! The decor was great and everything fitted great with the tiki-holiday theme. 

There were a lovely range of brands there, all armed with their amazing products. I really enjoyed talking to them and finding more about who they were and the different products they offered. 

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham toad diaries planners stationary

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham heaven skincare products

I received a lovey personalised planner from Toad Diaries which I can not wait to do a review of! The lovely girls from Heaven Skincare were also there demonstrating the amazing range of products they have for all different skin types. I honestly learnt so much from everybody and what they do. 

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham party

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham pink parcel beauty gifts

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham earlybird snacks

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

#BloggerTikiParty Blogger Event in Birmingham

We were also gifted a whole range of products, which I am so grateful for. I cannot wait to try out the products in the Pink Parcel, as well as eat al the yummy snacks. By the way, how adorable is this bag design? It was created by the lovely Ellie Morris, and I just absolutely adore it.

This was a great event which I am grateful for attending! I loved attending meeting all the lovely fellow bloggers and chatting to them for hours, as well as talking to the bands about really interesting and innovative products.  I can't wait to attend some more events, it is such a great way to network and make new blogger friends. 

Have you attended any events recently, or would you like to? Leave your comments below, I'd love to chat to some of you and continue this friendship building in the blogger community :)



  1. Omg im so jealous, looked amazing =]


  2. This looked like a fun event. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looked so fun! Can't wait to attend one soon :).
    ployvarn.com x