17 July 2016

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery beautiful necklace

The other week, the lovely team from Diwah contacted me about their jewellery range and asked me if I would like to design my own necklace and have it created handmade. Of course, I jumped at the chance for my own personalised jewellery and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of receiving this beautiful piece. 

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery beads necklace gorgeous custom

Diwah Jewellery | Design your own jewellery fashion

Browsing the website, there were so many beautiful necklaces that were perfect for every personality: from bold, boho, glam and many more, there is a style suitable for everybody's taste. What gets even better is that you can design your own necklace using their special tool, which is brilliant if you can't find what your looking for on the highstreet. I particular love this feature because sometimes it can be quite difficult finding the perfect statement necklace in the correct colours to match with the Asian dresses that I like to wear on Eid and weddings, so its nice to see that there is an option for me to create exactly what I want for myself. 

The other option is to get the Diwah team to design one for you. This is the process that I decided to take and it was so quick and simple. All I needed to do was fill out a short questionnaire, and then the team would go and design a necklace for me based on my answers. They then email you two designs to choose from with the prices quoted alongside them. The people are so lovely and the service is fantastic. If theres anything that you'll like to change on the necklace, they will be more than happy to do this for you so that you get exactly what you wanted.

The excitement when my necklace came through the post was unreal. I opened the box to this beautiful piece of jewellery. It is quite weighty which gives it that good quality feel to it. The craft of the pieces also add to the quality, as do the beautiful colouring of the metal chains and the beads. The design, for me, is classy yet also very chic. I just think it is utterly beautiful.

My experience with Diwah was a lovely one and I just love the idea of having the freedom to design your own necklace suitable for individual personalities and tastes. This would also make a great gift for anyone who is creative and into their statement pieces. 

You can find out more at: www.diwah.comhttps://www.diwah.com