09 July 2016

Visting Benito Brow Bar

benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience

Last week I visited Benito Brow Bar in Debenhams, Birmingham to finally tame my unruly brows and learn more about the threading technique. The experience was great and I just loved the service the ladies there gave. Not only did I have the opportunity to get my brows done, but the technicians there also did a short demonstration and gave us some great tips on how to get the perfect brow shape. They also explained the benefits of threading, which included giving a more precise eyebrow shape, prolonged hair growth and a clean finish to your brows in a less painful way than you may think. They also sell High Definition beauty products which is great if you're looking from some new makeup products, and they can even advise you which shade is suitable for the colour of your eyebrow hair.
benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience

benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience

benito brow bar eyebrow threading debenhams birmingham experience high definition makeup products

I finally got my eyebrows done by a lovely lady there, which was much needed as they certainly needed some cleaning up. They always use 100% organic thread which was for sure kinder to my skin as it didn't hurt as much as my previous experiences in threading before. After applying soothing aloe vera gel to my brows afterwards, the eyebrow technician then demonstrated to me the correct way to fill them in. Using a waxy textured eye pencil, she started from the end working towards the beginning of my brows, using a lighter hand as she did moved forward. She then brushed them out using a clean mascara wand and ta-dah. My brows looked amazing! They looked full but in a natural way, a look which I loved. 

I am so glad I visited the brow bar, my experience was lovely. They shared some useful knowledge about threading and gave wonderful advice on how to tend to my eyebrows myself. They also do eyebrow tinting which I would also like to try out sometime soon.I would defineley recommend visiting the Benito Brow Bar located in Debenhams in Birmingham, or there is also one in Solihull's Touchwood that I have passed a few times. You can visit their website for more information: http://benitobrowbar.com 

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