26 August 2016

Weleda Skincare Products

Weleda Skincare Products face cream cute pink and green natural organic

Weleda Skincare Products cleanser cleansing lotion cute pink and green natural organic

Weleda is not a brand I've heard much about before but after reading their product information, I was intrigued to try out their products for myself and put them properly to the test on my skin.

First off, the packaging is so pretty. It looks fresh and purifying, which are the main values of the company. The packaging of each product makes it easy to use without risk of spillages or use of excess product. The bright colours are indicative of the natural ingredients and brand values of Weleda, who are a company focussed on furthering the economy and promoting health and well-being across the globe.

Weleda Skincare Products facial oil cute pink and green natural organic

Weleda Skincare Products skin food moisturiser cute pink and green natural organic

I got on really well with each of the products and found that they nourished my highly dry and sensitive skin and calmed down the irritation I had from sun-burn on my nose (my bad for not wearing enough sun protection!). The face cream is lovely and rich, whilst the cleansing lotion is great for my skin as it doesn't strip it of the natural oils but instead leaves it feeling nourished after use. The scent is also very fresh which made it enjoyable to use. Even just after the first use of the facial oil, my complexion felt plump and it didn't leave any sort of residue on my skin like oils and serums often do. With regular and consistent use, I hope that this healthiness in my skin is maintained, which I am sure it will be. 

My favourite product was the Skin Food, which I used daily on my face. It is suitable for the whole body which is great when you need to spot dream certain dry spots. It hydrated my skin really well which lastd all day and just gave me a nice fresh glow. 

Have you tried any of the Weleda products? Which do you like the sound of that you'd consider trying out?  You can find out more about their skincare offerings here


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