16 September 2016

Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

Pristine Dead Sea Mud face Mask Review amazon

Pristine Dead Sea Mud face Mask Review amazon

You might have seen from a few of my other posts that I sure do love a good face mask. They just seem to always leave me feeling refreshed and are a great relaxation product to use at the end of a hectic week to pamper the skin a little. I have previously tried a mud mask before and even did a review on it, but I couldn't wait to try a different brand as I was so pleased with the results last time. 

Pristine Dead Sea Mud face Mask Review amazon

Mud masks are one of those products that are used to really clean the skin and lift impurities and clogged up pores. Recently I have really felt the need to incorporate such a mask as for some reason I kept breaking out and my skin was looking quite dull (my diet hasn't been very healthy recently, so my skin issues are probably down to that unfortunately). 

There are so many benefits of using a mud mask, but this Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask in particular claims to:

  • Purify the pores as a natural skin cleanser
  • Promote clearer skin and reduce the frequency of blemishes
  • Remove excess oil to combat shine
  • Minimize enlarged pores 
  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles
  • Address blackheads 
  • Ease inflammation 
  • Reduce the prominence of scars 
  • Protect skin from free radical damage with antioxidant vitamin E 
  • Restore vitality and radiance to the complexion
Not only is natural and organic, but also vegan and cruelty free. I find that incorporating natural products into your skincare routine makes such a difference to the overall result. With vegan products not readily available as I think that they should be (especially in the drugstore, which kind of infuriates me), Pristine have done well in upholding their ethics when creating this product.

Pristine Dead Sea Mud face Mask Review amazon

I have used this product multiple times now, although I try not to use it more than once a week as that is all that is needed for the product to work. I slathered the mask on to my face, using a flat foundation brush to create an even finish. The texture of this surprised me as it wasn't as heavy as the previous Dead Sea Mud Mask I used. It was actually pretty light on the skin and easy to work with it. After I let it dry for just under 15 minutes, I found that the product didn't harden up like other masks often do. Instead it remained in the original texture, which I was really pleased with as it meant there was no uncomfortableness or tingling on my face. 

After washing the mask off, my face felt instantly clean. There was no drastic difference that would wow people instantly, but I did find a difference in the texture of my skin. Not only did it smoothen my skin but I felt like it really gave my face a deep clean, leaving a 'glowing within look'. After every use, I can see a slight improvement in the overall appearance, that it just keeps me going back for more! If you're looking for similar results, then I would recommend checking this product out. You can buy it on Amazon for £14.97, which is a great price considering the tube is huge and is sure to last a while. You can buy the product here

Have you tried this particular face mask or anything of a similar sort? Leave your comments below.

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  1. This mask sounds great for my combination skin with large pores. I will try it out.. Great post Aliya.

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