07 September 2016

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub in Mint Temptation

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub in Mint Temptation natural organic skincare

I am a huge fan of body scrubs and have recently seen the appearance of coffee scrubs propping up on various beauty blogs which scream abut the benefits that leaves your skin looking amazing. Not only is a scrub a great exfoliant but the coffee is a natural ingredient that improves the look and feel of your skin. What's not to like?!

Scrub Love is a UK brand that is 100% natural. Yes, 100%! Not only are their products organic, but they are also fairtrade and ethically sourced which gives you peace of mind that your purchase is coming from a good place. And boy is it worth it. 

First of all, this scrub smells AMAZING. I cannot get over the smell, it just reminds me of strong mint chocolate. I'm not the biggest fan of mint scents but I am actually obsessed with this one. I reckon even if you don't like mint scents you will like this (if not, then there are also other scents you can choose from on the Scrub Love website). 

I have the scrub in 'Mint Temptation' which has organic Robusta coffee, tea tree oil, organ oil, peppermint oil and dead sea salt. Whilst the coffee part buffs away dead skin cells, all the different oils help to smooth out, heal and cleanse the skin to leave it looking and feeling nourished. 

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub in Mint Temptation peppermint natural organic fairtrade

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub in Mint Temptation coconut affair original lovin'

After using this scrub a few times, I have quickly become obsessed. It feels so good to buff into my skin without being at all harsh or drying. Its actually quite a therapeutic process, especially with the added bonus of the peppermint aroma. All I do is apply it and then leave it evenly onto my skin and leave for around five minutes. Even when I don't have time, I wash it off after a couple of minutes and I can still feel a difference in the texture of my skin. I am totally happy with the result as it gives a lovely glow and brightens up the dull complexion on my arms and legs and wherever else i tend to use it. 

If you want to hold on tight to summer for a little bit longer, than this is the product for you! Or if like me you can't wait for winter when you tend let go of your skincare routine (I for one am guilt of this) this product is great to give your skin a much-needed boost. You can even use the scrub on your face as the natural ingredients are perfectly suitable even for sensitive areas. Other variations include 'Original Lovin' and 'Coconut Affair' which are the perfect body scrubs brightening and hydrating skin. You can find out more and purchase your own product on the Scrub Love website herehttps://uk.scrublove.com 

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