Monday, 15 May 2017

Makeup Revoltuion Highlight Palette / Hourglass Ambient Light edit dupe | review

Most of us have probably seen the beautiful Hourglass Ambient lighting palettes floating around the blogging and vlogging world. Not only are they gorgeous, but it has been noted that they are very expensive retailing at a whopping £65 for six shades which includes shades that are great for powder, bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I think I may have found the alternative for those not willing to splurge on the Hourglass palette and instead spend only £6 on one of these Makeup Revolution palettes. MUR are infamous for the high quality and low price of their eyeshadow palettes, but using their blushes and highlighters has made me love the brand even more. 

The packaging is pretty simple and sleek in contrast to the luxury casing that is of the Hourglass one, which is a given considering the price. the quality of these powders are lovely though.

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