08 May 2017

6 Ways to Wear Nude Eyeliner | Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude

6 Ways to Wear Nude Eyeliner Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude Review

Remember when everybody used to line their waterline with white eyeliner to give an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes? It turns out, we were doing it all wrong! While white eyeliner is effective, it creates a dramatic that can look quite unnatural because of the stark contrast it creates between the skin and lashes. Nude colours however, create a more radiant look but in a very subtle way. This is actually the main reason I decided to buy this Rimmel ScandalEyes nude eyeliner, so I could hide those late-night netflix sessions the next day with a simple slick of a pencil. 

6 Ways to Wear Nude Eyeliner Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude Review
6 Ways to Wear Nude Eyeliner Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude Review swatch swatches

This particular Eye Kohl is great. Its lovely and creamy so is not too harsh to use on the eyes, and doesn't break easily like a lot of pencil eyeliners often do. You can sharpen it too, which I prefer more than the mechanical ones if I'm honest, as I just feel you have more control on the sharpness of the product for a more precise application. Best of all its waterproof so it lasts ages even on your waterline. For only £3.99 it is great value too. I've also discovered many other uses for a nude eyeliner that you can try out for yourself - so you really do get your moneys worth!

Waterline: As I mentioned above, the most common use of nude eyeliner is for your waterline. Simply apply it in the morning to create a wide-awake and more radiant look, which is always great when you need to catch up on some last-minute assignments!

Highlight: Use it on the inner corners of the eye, your brown bone or your cupids bow on top of your lips to highlight and bring out the sharpest points of your face that can tend to look a little bit dull. With a little bit of application to these spots, your entire face will look brighter.

Erase Mistakes: Whether its to sharpen your winged eyeliner or to clean up a smokey eye, a little application of nude eyeliner will help to hide those pesky mistakes and create a flawless finished look.

Outlining: After filling in your eyebrows or applying your favourite bright lipstick, outlining the edge of your brows and lips will clean up any product bleeding for a sharper finished look whilst giving an impression of fuller eyebrows and plumper lips.

Conceal: By applying a little of nude eyeliner on top of a spot or pimple is a great cover-up when you don't have a concealer handy. Do be careful though in case of any spreading of infections from the eyeliner stick, as it could spread to other parts of your face which is something you definitely to not want to happen!

Use as a base: I love using this as an eyeshadow base when theres no eye primer available as it neutralises the redness on my lids and makes the colour of my eyeshadow to really stand out. With a light application, it even lasts all day which is better than most eyeshadow bases. Using it to fill in your lips before any lipstick also does the same thing by creating a blank canvas for any lip colour you wish to use on top.

So there you have it - my favourite ways to wear nude eyeliner. As such a versatile product, I really recommend adding this to your staple make-up bag because there really is so much you can do with just one product! You can buy it here from Boots or Superdrug

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