09 June 2017

*Modest* Graduation Outfit Ideas

Modest graduation outfits from ASOS, tops, blouses, shirts,, blazers, jackets, dresses, hijab, fashion, style, inspiration, pinterest, inspoModest graduation outfits from ASOS, trousers, skirts, hijab, fashion, style, inspiration, pinterest, inspo

With graduation ceremonies fast approaching, I feel like many of us are looking forward to putting together the perfect outfit that is the right balance of sophistication and style. The importance of a graduation outfit hit me when I realised that any photos from the day will be kept for a long, LONG time and so I better make them as timeless possible.

Modest graduation outfits from ASOS, flats, loafers, heels, shoes, hijab, fashion, style, inspiration, pinterest, inspo

After endless amounts of browsing (I'm not complaining, it was pretty inspiring to see what was out there), I have picked out some possible graduation outfits that I would realistically wear. Most importantly, I have tried to pick out pieces that are suitable for modest dressing, something that can be quite tough when we're surrounded by graduation pictures of smiling blonde-haired girls in short bodycon dresses that I would not be seen dead in (for religious and cultural reasons). These pieces are modest but also stylish and formal at the same time. Call this post an inspiration board, if you will, for all of my fellow graduates out there searching for an outfit, which also provides coverage for modest wearers. 

In terms of tops, going for a nice simple shirt or blouse seems to be the best option. With this style being a hot trend right now, it shouldn't be a problem finding the right style and fit for you. White is classic and will look good regardless, but different colours and patterns can also look really nice to add a bit of oomph to an outfit. Try looking for pastel colours like blue or pink, or maybe patterns such as spots or stripes if you're in the market for something a little different.

If you don't feel up for the top and skirt/trouser options, then a dress is the way to go. There are not many 'modest' dresses out there that are tailored enough for graduation but also suitable for the event in terms of style. I managed to find a few things on ASOS, I'd go for something with long sleeves and a nice colour in a plain or embroidered style

A blazer is also a great option if you want a bit more of a loose cover-up over a tailored outfit. Knowing English weather, it is probably a good idea to bring along a formal jacket in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.


If you opt for trousers, I think the safest option is to go for black coloured, tailored bottoms. They look sophisticated and are easy to match with any top as well as wear for other occasions. The fit is entirely up to you: go for bootleg, which are particularly great if you're quite tall. Cigarette trousers look great on everybody, but I personally think they look lovely on petite girls with a pair of killer heels. You can go for the looser options, which include trousers made out of lighter farbics or in the culotte style where the flow mimics the look of a skirt. All of these options are great staple to create a sophisticated looking outfit.

It's hard to style skirts modestly, but I feel with the right length and style of the skirt it is possible to wear them with a pair of tights and a nice top. I'd go for a nice statement skirt and a simple top with a bit of black in it to tie in with the colour of black tights. There are lots of nice styles to choose from, as demonstrated in my picks above.

Shoes are perhaps the easiest thing to shop for, so just go for what you like. Whether it's high-heels or flats, just make sure they are comfortable to walk in, no-one wants to fall on stage when they go up to collect their certificate! These are a few of my favourite styles that I personally love and feel can match well with any outfit.

So those are my ideas for modest graduation outfits, I actually can't wait to dress up and finally reach that milestone of completing my degree. What an eventful three years it's been... leave any suggestions or comments below!

Everything is linked here: 👇🏽
1. ASOS Wide Leg Trousers with Pleat Detail
2. ASOS Tailored Crepe Suit in Black
3. ASOS Woven Peg Trousers with OBI Tie
4. ASOS Smart Wide Crop Trousers

1. Amy Lynn A Line Midi Skirt With Floral Applique
2. ASOS Button Through Pleated Midi Skirt
3. ASOS Pencil Skirt in Pelican Jacquard
4. ASOS WHITE Asymmetric A-Line Skirt

1. Boohoo Ruffle Front Shirt
2. Vero Moda Tall Longline Tie Front Shirt
3. Vila High Neck Ruffle Details Blouse
4. Aeryne Lace Up Front Blouse In Dot Print

1. AllSaints Aleida Blazer
2. Closet Tie Front Dress With Kimono Sleeve
3. Boss Orange By Hugo Boss Sleeveless Grey Jacket
4. Y.A.S Tall Hemp All Over Lace Long Sleeve Skater Dress

1. Mango Suede Block Heel Court Shoe
2. ASOS PLAYFUL Wide Fit Pointed Heels
3. ASOS HAZEL Wide Fit Heeled Sandals
4. London Rebel Fringe Loafer

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