22 November 2017

My 5 Top Tips For a Cosy Night In

Simplybe pamper night cosy pyjamas

With the evenings becoming longer and as the colder weather approaches us. there's nothing better than treating yourself to a well-deserved pamper night. Whether it is a weekend treat or you decide to let your hair down after a long day at work, here are my 5 favourite ways to make the most of relaxation mode. 

1. Get the right gear - Everyone needs cosy pyjamas, especially this time of year when snuggle season is at its peak. Getting a pair of pyjamas that are not only cute but also comfortable is a must. These ones from Simply Be* and so lovely, I was genuinely impressed by the high quality of them! They are super cosy and fit lovely. Paired with some cute slippers like these furry sliders* (also from Simply Be), you'll soon be ready to spend a night in, in style. For more products and info, head over to the Simply Be website

2. Light some candles and take a relaxing bath - Create a nice ambience with your favourite scented candles. Draw a bath, add some bath bombs in and let your worries fade away. Lush bath bombs are always my favourite, but I recently discovered this cute gift sets from Bomb Cosmetics*, making it a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves their colourful and scented baths. 

Simplybe pamper night cosy pyjamas bath bombs bomb cosmetics

pamper night cosy pyjamas skincare

3. Up your skincare routine - a pamper night is the perfect excuse to bring out your favourite skincare bits and treat yourself to a lengthy routine where you take your time massaging products into your skin to get the full effect. I personally love using this time for face masks, fancy serums and anything else I feel like my skin needs. 

4. Snacks at the ready - Perhaps one of the best part of the evening, picking your favourite snacks and treating yourself. Settling down with a nice tea or hot chocolate is an added bonus. 

5. Get Netflix on (or your favourite DVD) - The best thing after a long hard day is settling down with some good TV. Whether it is an intense TV show or just your favourite rom-com, this is the time to fully unwind and clear your head from the days worries. What better way to end the night than falling asleep with Gossip Girl on and chocolate all around your mouth. 

So there you have it, my guide to the ultimate night in. Hope you enjoyed the post.
Thank you to the team at Simply Be for allowing me to pick some of the ultimate cosy essentials (marked with an asterisk *)


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