Hi I'm Aliya, just a regular 20 year old who is taking on the world one day at a time. Currently studying English Literature at University of Birmingham, I am learning new things everyday and hope to share my knowledge as well as my passions to anybody reading my blog.

My blog itself epitomises everything that I love. Revolving around lifestyle, you'll find all things beauty, fashion, food and travel as well as miscellaneous updates and topical conversations.

I have many goals for the future (mainly consisting of expanding my already large make-up collection) but I hope to one day fulfil my dream of travelling the world and learning about all that surrounds us.

My main goal for my blog is that I hope it can provide comfort for even just one reader who is feeling lost in this world, just like many blogs did for me. As my blog further grows, I hope to continue writing about all that I am passionate about and hope to continue to improve the content I create as I journey through life.  I love the idea of playing a big-sister role, so if anyone ever needs to talk, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love meeting new people and I am always open to anyone for a little chat.

For more information how to do so, visit my 'Contact' page or feel free to email me at: aliyasabrina@outlook.com

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I did when writing the content and taking the photos! xoxo

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